11 recipes to help you weather the cold wave

French onion soup

Soup is more of a gal-cour mast, and when we think of a real winter, we automatically think of onion soup (also Paris. Live Brasserie, glass of wine. But that’s a different story). How to properly make onion soup, with all the deeply needed flavors? For this you need not only a recipe, but also a very detailed one. So here it is.

The Recipe: French Onion Soup

Brown onion soup | Photo: Dania Weiner at the table

Brown onion soup

Sorry, didn’t we learn right before a paragraph how to properly make onion soup? We also learned, but if the cold left you at home by chance and you have plenty of time, feel free to take a look at this recipe, from soup that spend 4-5 hours in the oven as if it was at least hot (it is also possible that the fire will go on for two hours, but it’s less romantic).

Recipe: Brown Onion Soup

Chickpea soup (Photo: Afek Gabai, Good Food)
chickpea soup | Photo: Afic Gabay, good food

Chickpea and chard soup

Here we are (barely) freeing ourselves from the world of onion soup, and heading into more soups that could perfectly accompany the day. This soup contains chickpeas, chard, onions, carrots, celery, and dill – but the spice goose that includes soy sauce on one side and cumin and turmeric (and coconut milk) on the other. It got really hot for us.

Recipe: Chickpea and chard soup

Rich, kneaded vegetable soup (Photo: Penny's also for good and hearty)
Vegetable soup rich in kneading | Photo: Benny This is also good and good food

Rich vegetable soup

And this is Yonit Zuckerman’s vegetable soup, which can be served with dough and can be used without it, somehow thick, full of flavor and warms the stomach as best as possible.

Recipe: Rich vegetable soup

Carrot and cumin soup (Photo: Oksana Mizina, Shutterstock)
orange soup | Photo: Oksana Mizina, Shutterstock

Orange soup warms and strengthens

The latest soup this time around is a classic Israeli soup at its best – an orange soup of sweet potatoes, carrots and pumpkin, which also contains turmeric and ginger, so it promises to help even with colds or other illnesses that often plague us these days.

The Recipe: Orange Soup Warms and Strengthens

My Best Recipe: Chicken Breast (Photo: Amir Menahem Good Food)
My best recipe: chicken breasts | Photography: Amir Menachem Good food

Curry chicken breast

Chill is big curry time, and this time we decided to team up with him for chicken breasts. The result is a dish that everyone will love, with the sauce that comes perfectly on top of the rice. This method of preparation, by the way, you are invited to adopt any chicken breast from now on – with any sauce. This is cracked.

Recipe: Curry Chicken Breast

Beef shoulder - surfer (Photo: Anatoly Michaelo, Good Food)
goulash | Photo: Anatoly Michaelo, Good food

Hungarian goulash

The barbecue shoulder is a piece that is widely used in Israeli kitchens in the winter, and when the time comes to use it now or not. This time in the goulash version, which doesn’t have a lot of ingredients but has paprika, potatoes and plenty of time on the fire, which is the most important.

Recipe: Hungarian goulash

Oatmeal with goji berries, cocoa flakes, and cereal (Photo: Assaf Embram, Good Food)
Oatmeal with goji berries, cocoa flakes and chia berries | Photo: Asaf Abram, Good Food

Healthy oatmeal

Porridge is the perfect dish for a cold snap, and in this respect we put a variety of healthy and wonderful products, other than the wonderful oats in themselves: goji berries, ground cocoa beans, and chia seeds. Frozen outside? You are warm, happy and good.

Recipe: Healthy Whole Oatmeal

Apple pie porridge (Photo: Ron Yuchananoff, Good Food)
apple pie porridge | Photo: Ron Johanoff, Good Food

apple pie porridge

And here’s another porridge, this time with a more common version and without words that can be frightening. There’s apples here and there cinnamon (and even nuts and a drop of nutmeg), and so in the life of one bowl of oatmeal you feel like you’ve been pampered with real apple pie.

Recipe: Apple Pie Porridge

Orchids (Photo: Sarit Novak - Miss Berry)
orchid | Photo: Sarit Novak – Miss Raspberry

Easy and quick homemade orchid

It is very easy to make an orchid at home, God how much he saves. Milk, cornmeal, sugar, toppings, anything you want (cinnamon, nuts, such) – that’s all it takes, and the value is delicious and very flavourful.

The Recipe: Quick and Easy Homemade Orchids


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