11 recipes with 5 ingredients or less

Mac and cheese

Oh, why can’t we ever turn down this comforting steamy mac and cheese? This is the fulfillment of all fantasies about macaroni and cheese cooked and cooked, and in this version we need 5 ingredients (we didn’t count salt and pepper) and twenty minutes. What did we take?

>> For the recipe: Quick Mac and Cheese

Quick Mac and Cheese (Photo: Jill Gutkin, Good Food)
Quick Mac and Cheese | Photo: Jill Gutkin, Good Food

Yeast free custom pizza

Pizza without a puff! It is true that no pizza has been puffed for more than two days and filled with beautiful bubbles, but for a simple and quick homemade pizza, we don’t care that way, we’ll leave it to the professionals with the ovens and take this recipe from “Delicious!” Which makes our life easy and delicious.

>> Personal yeast-free pizza

Personal pizza (Photo: Idit Narkis approx.
Personal pizza from yeast-free dough | Photo: Edith Narkis Katz, Good Food

cheese pies

Shape pancakes but don’t get cluttered, these are the cheese puddings your kids have been loving so much since Kindergarten. Sweet and homey, the world’s thinnest and lightest.

>> For the recipe: Sweet Cheesecakes from the Gardens

Sweet cheesecakes (Photo: Natalia Fedori, iStock)
Sweet cheese pies | Photo: Natalia Fedori, iStock

Potato stuffed with cheese

A dinner of winning combinations of hot potatoes and cheese. Regardless of Salton and that’s it, more than that we don’t need anything.

>> For the recipe: Potatoes stuffed with cheese

Stuffed potatoes (Photo: Elena Shashkina, ShutterStock)
stuffed potatoes | Photo: Elena Shashkina, ShutterStock

Potato pancakes

And from potatoes to potatoes – here we use potatoes that have been cooked and mashed to get a puree. Here also the excellent combination of potatoes and cheese, just mix with some flour, eggs and fried pancakes. Because as much as we love pancakes, their salty version is also addictive.

>> For Potato Pie Recipe

Potato pancakes (Photo: Sarit Novak - Miss Raspberry, good food)
Potato pancakes | Photo: Sarit Novak – Miss Berry, Good Food

Cauliflower pancakes

_AD We’re here on something with these pancakes, we tell you. Very delicious. We will warn in advance that the fried version is many times tastier, but even those who insist on baking have what they are looking for here. Come on, they don’t count the salt, so it’s the beauty of pancakes with only two ingredients – chickpea flour and mashed boiled cauliflower. Do not worry, it is enough to bind the materials together without crumbling. Of course you are invited to add Chop green onions or any grated vegetable and season in any way you like, but in fact even without it they are delicious to God.

>> For the recipe: Premium Cauliflower Patties in 3 Ingredients

Cauliflower patties in 3 ingredients - in a skillet (Photo: Dana Bar-El Schwartz, Good Food)
in a frying pan | Photo: Dana Bar Schwartz, Good Food

Nutella Crepe

You’ll probably ditch the first crepe and maybe 2-3 after it, but once you understand the passage and start making thin, crunchy crepes, you’ll see that this dessert always comes in handy.

>> About the recipe: Nutella Crepe

Crepe with Nutella (Photo: Inbal Lavi, Good Food)
Nutella Crepe | Photo: Inbal Lavi, Good Food

Potato borax

Borax is something you’ve always wanted to eat – cheese, spinach, mushrooms, pizza and, of course, potatoes. Hot recommendation: cook a boiled egg and cut some vegetables nearby – the perfect snack.

>> For the recipe: borax potatoes

Cauliflower soup

A goat furrow recipe that uses whole cauliflower. You can make it out of fur and you can make it milky – in each version, fun is guaranteed.

>> For the recipe: Cauliflower soup wins in 5 ingredients

Potato borax (Photo: Afek Gabay, recipe for savings)
Potato borax | Photo: Afiq Gabay A recipe for savings

Chocolate cake

This is a cake that has become one of the Easter holidays, but there is no reason to wait for Easter and not make it now: chocolate, eggs, sugar, vanilla extract, a drop of salt and that’s it.

>> For the recipe: Chocolate Pudding Cake

Cauliflower soup (Photo: Asaf Abram, Good Food)
Cauliflower soup | Photo: Asaf Abram, good food

Coconut Biscuits

It’s gluten-free and light and requires only four ingredients: ground coconut, 2 proteins, sugar and vanilla extract. Delicious to God and keeps for up to 2 weeks in the fridge.

>> For the recipe: Gluten-Free Coconut Biscuits

Chocolate pudding cake (Photo: Edith Narkiss around
Chocolate Cake Powder | Photo: Edith Narkis Katz, Good Food

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