11 salad recipes for the cedar table

hot broccoli salad

A festive and impressive dish that combines oven-roasted greens and fresh greens, alternating between salad and hot topping. Either way, it’s a great addition to any meal and is definitely worth catching on our holiday table.

For a hot broccoli and sweet potato salad recipe

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Festive lettuce salad

Whatever you say, you should have at least one classic lettuce salad on your holiday table. Our picks – with fun toppings like pears and walnuts and a classic, subtle sauce, it’s a salad that’s always useful.

For a festive lettuce salad recipe

Spring green salad with strawberries, apples, and almonds (Photo: Daphne Opening)
Photo: Daphne’s opening

green spring salad

Another great option for cutting a shepherd on the holiday table is this colorful and springtime salad. A festive salad of fresh, crunchy lettuce leaves, sticks of root vegetables, strawberries, thinly sliced ​​apples and toasted almonds, wrapped in a citrus vinaigrette that unites all the flavors.

Spring salad recipe>

Potato salad from Rita Goldstein (Photo: Rita Goldstein)
Pictured: Rita Goldstein

potato salad

For many, Easter is Potato Feast, and even for Rita Goldstein in the family, there’s no holiday without potato salad, so here’s her recipe for the famous Olivier Salad in a slightly different version with fresh garden peas, farm eggs with a little cold-smoked tuna.

raita potato salad recipe>

Vegan potato salad (Photo: Cher Salt)
Photo: Cher Salette

vegetable potato salad

Vegetarians can and should enjoy holiday traditions, no compromise, so if your potato salad is an Easter tradition at home, we’ve curated an excellent and super simple vegan version for you, suitable for legume eaters.

For a TPA Vegan Salad recipe>

Cherry Tomato and Caramelized Onion Salad (Photo: Cher Salt)
Photo: Cher Salette

Hummus salad, cherry tomatoes and caramelized onions

Although this is not a standard salad, it is definitely aA fun sofa for the holiday table that will delight vegetarians and more. A light, tasty and rich in protein salad, suitable for the feast table, and basically for any meal. He, too, is kosher for Passover to eat legumes.

Hummus Salad recipe>

Vegetable white bean salad (Photo: Babushka Productions)
Photo: Babushka Productions

besoulia salad

If you already have a legume salad, this is another festive salad worth putting on your holiday table if you’re interested. A vegetarian and festive salad of white beans with plenty of tangy greens and roasted cashews and chili peppers that liven up the flavor. Easy, quick to prepare and insanely delicious.

For the white bean salad recipe>

Tuna, turnip and vegetable salad (Photo: Babushka Productions)
Photo: Babushka Productions

Tuna and turnip salad

Cabbage leaves known as kale are not only a great food, but they are also a particularly festive-looking vegetable, which upgrades any dish in terms of appearance and nutritional values. Here is part of a festive and impressive salad, which together with tuna, eggs and fresh vegetables will add a lot of color and flavor to the holiday table.

Tuna, turnip and vegetable salad recipe>

Salmon rice by Chef Omar Miller (Photo: Babushka Productions)
Photo: Babushka Productions

salmon pie

A recipe from Gauze Omar Miller, a type of dish that commands the least amount of work thanks primarily to its delicate seasoning. Salmon tartare with chili, fresh vegetables, mange, lemon juice, and everything served in avocado for extra festivity. Of course, you can also mix it with avocado for a single main salad instead of individual dishes.

Salmon Tartar Recipe by Omar Miller

Vegetarian Liver Dish (Photo: Shani's conscience)
Photo: two consciences

Minced vegetable “heavy” spread

True, it’s not exactly a salad, but the finely chopped spread on matsa is definitely an Easter classic that your vegetarian and even vegan guests should enjoy too. With such a simple recipe, why not?

For a “heavy” vegetarian recipe .

Mushroom and cherry salad (Photo: Babushka Productions)
Photo: Babushka Productions

Mushroom salad with sour sauce

We’ll round off the respectable menu with another light salad that will balance out the weight of all the fries and matzos on the table. This fun and colorful salad features mushrooms and cherry tomatoes plus chili peppers and a delicious sour sauce, all adding to the roasted walnuts that are in our eyes the true stars of the holiday.

Mushroom and cherry salad recipe

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