4 recipes for Saturday dinner from another league

sit down meal
Recipes for the perfect meal on Friday or Saturday

Start with Cuban stew for the lazy (no, we’re really not going to roll one after the other on Saturday night), continue with chicken and omelette with carrot and broccoli surprises, and make a quilt-like cinnamon roll in the shape of a candy bar.

filming: Amir Menachem is a delicious food

Cuban short hamosta soup

Every drop of rain that falls on our heads is for us a sign that it is time to eat Cuban soup, the problem is that we have less energy to roll the cubes, and in fact we have almost none. Rotem Liberzon’s inventive solution makes tops: In this recipe, you’re not rolling the cubes one by one, but simply making pancakes from all the ingredients and simmering in the soup. What soup? Insanely delicious sour soup with chard, celery and Persian lemon. Even if you don’t eat this whole meal, this soup should not be missed.

Recipe: Short Cuban Hamosta Soup

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Marinated Chicken, Rotem Liberzon (Photo: Amir Menachem, Good Food)
Marinated Chicken, Rotem Liberzon | Photography: Amir Menachem Good food

Chicken in the best marinade in the world

Two recipes in a row from Rotem Liberzon! This time these are simple chickens, simpler, but perfectly seasoned. After all, that’s the whole story in chicken, and that’s what distinguishes a great dish from great boredom. So what do we have here? Soy sauce, maple, garlic, ginger and amateur also a tablespoon of sriracha sauce. Soak it for a few hours and grill it in a pan, that’s it.

Recipe: Chicken in the world’s best marinade

Mujadara vegetables (Photo: Assaf Ronen, Good Food)
Mujadara vegetables | Photo: Assaf Ronen, Good Food

Mujadara vegetables

When you think about it, there is no reason in the world to stop at rice and lentils when making magda. And here we do not stop. This mujadara also contains broccoli and carrots, and believe us, it just works for them. Because complete protein is good and great, but it’s not everything in life!

Recipe: Mujadara vegetables

Winter Cinnamon Pie (Photo: Keren Ajam, Good Food)
Winter Cinnamon Pie | Photo: Kirin Ajam, Good Food

Winter Cinnamon Pie

These pastries are less sweet than standard yeast cakes, and we say this in their favour. Together with a mint tea after the meal, it ends the meal in the best, tastiest and best side. Like a quilt when a storm rages outside.

The Recipe: Winter Cinnamon Pie

Shabbat Shalom!

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