4 recipes for Saturday dinner

sit down meal
Recipes for the perfect meal on Friday or Saturday

If you look closely, you’ll already see the weeks, but we’d prefer not to look far, and go for a simple and winning Saturday meal. Pies, couscous with vegetables, a salad for life and a quick and crazy dessert. Fun life, in a nutshell

take photo: Assaf Abram Good food

Beef dumplings with hummus

We start with a recipe from Avi Bitton that over the years has become a regular feature in many homes in Israel. Beef slices cooked with chickpeas in a sauce of garlic, gamba, paprika and cumin. In short, lots of flavors, all excellent.

>> Recipe: Beef Patties with Hummus

Arisa's vegetable and chickpea broth (Photo: Dan Leaf,
Photo: Dan Leaf, “Vegan Kitchen”, on the table

Vegetable and chickpea casserole in Arissa

Please note that this recipe is only for vegetable soup, and couscous is the serving suggestion – but we recommend you go for both. After all, there’s also pancake sauce that seeks to soak in something carbs, and we don’t usually turn down pancake sauces. And what about vegetables? The veggies are often marinated in arissa, and they work well (note also the hummus, which connects the two dishes).

>> Recipe: Vegetable and chickpea broth in Arissa

Shavuot recipes

cheesecake recipes

Beet and carrot salad (Photo: Iuliia Kochenkova, ShutterStock)
Beet and Carrot Salad | Photo: Iuliia Kochenkova, ShutterStock

live beet salad

In terms of vegetables, all in this salad is beets (uncooked!) and shredded carrots. The sauce contains a few other ingredients—soy sauce, vinegar, olive oil, sesame oil—and together you get all the unseen sum of its parts by a meter. I want to say, a really excellent salad, and the fact that all the vitamins remain inside, it’s just a scratch.

>> Recipe: Live Beet Salad

Elephant ears biscuits (Photo: Lyudmila Suvorova, Shutterstock)
Elephant ear cookies, puff pastry cakes | Photo: Lyudmila Suvorova, ShutterStock

Elephant ears cookies

This dessert is so easy to prepare that even the bowl and spoon do not have to get dirty because of it. What gets dirty is the marble, and the knife – to spread these beauties. All in all melted puff pastry and regular sugar, which blend together for a crunchy and addictive dessert of levels. And there are more sophisticated ones, with cinnamon or an extra layer of sugar. Our basic version is completely satisfactory.

>> Recipe: Elephant Ears Biscuit

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