5 jobs for a man you don’t want to marry

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There are quite a few things that we choose according to the couple: humor, kindness, ambition, and there are also those who examine height or other external data. But it turns out that there’s one criterion we haven’t really thought about until today, which might be especially important if our marriage goes up, click click, not above us, on a sandbar.

Katie K. Leonard, a ten-year-old American divorce attorney, revealed in Tiktok what professions women should be wary of when choosing their life partner: According to her, these are the five worst professions – not necessarily in this order: firefighter, policeman, military man, surgeon, and to the astonishment of Israeli girls, pilot.

Leonard emphasized that there are of course a few exceptions, but she notes that in general, men who choose these professions tend to deal with divorce more difficult. “They have a tendency to get upset and blow up the process,” she says in the video.

The explanation, she says, is simple: “When you look at these professions, what do they all have in common? Each one is God in his work,” she says. “If you’re a cop, you walk around with a gun, you have the power. If you work, everyone adores you in the hospital, you have the last word, and everyone treats you with respect. Then you go home, and all of a sudden you’re asked to take out the trash. It’s hard for them to do that. Moving between these things,” she explains. On the other hand, pilots, and certainly those who serve in the military, have a great deal of responsibility in their hands: “They are responsible for 150-200 lives at a time, and they tend to be very narcissistic and tyrannical,” she says.

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In a short time, Leonard’s video reached more than one and a half million views and tens of thousands of comments, a few of which were women who agreed with her – and some even from personal experience. “The uniform is a red flag,” one concluded, and also garnered tens of thousands of likes. Surfers have also added to Leonard’s list some other problematic professions, such as an athlete, an investment banker, and even a pastor.

Leonard did not abandon the fair sex, uploading another timed video that has since garnered almost three million views, in which she showed the most problematic profession of women: a housewife. “When they get divorced, they are paralyzed with fear and it’s true, because their whole life is about to change,” she explained. She says that women who are not working are in a precarious financial situation, sometimes afraid to return to work after a long period. “They often don’t know how things about money work, so they tend to take the time,” she explained.

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