5 recipes for a light and excellent Saturday meal

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Recipes for the perfect meal on Friday or Saturday

This week we’re at an Italian banner, but don’t catch us at Parmigiano Reggiano – this is a general trend and not a meal by all the rules. Start with the commendable minestrone soup, continue with Avi Bitton’s huge chicken and bean soup with bread and tomato salad and finish with the overflowing almond and maple biscuits.

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Minestrone soup

Of all our minestrone recipes (and we have quite a few, we’re fans of this soup) – this one gets the best reviews. On the one hand, it has a lot of ingredients — lots of raw veggies, green beans, pasta, and soaked white beans — but on the other hand you can play with it relatively freely, using only what you have on hand. Of course, Parmesan cheese is abandoned.

Recipe: Minestrone Soup

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Italian style chicken and bean stew (Photo: Assaf Embram, Good Food)
Italian style chicken and bean stew | Photo: Asaf Abram, good food

Chicken and bean stew

Avi Beton’s recipe for an Italian-style soup, from chicken and beans cooked with garlic, tomatoes, oregano and basil (by the way, if you’re already soaking the beans – add more to the soup). Red wine also takes part in this joy, and the result – a party.

By the way, anyone not familiar with pop bean, which is a flat white and relatively large bean, is welcome to correct the distortion with this or any other recipe. In our opinion, this is the most pleasant and delicious bean, and you can find it in the supermarket next to all other types of beans.

Recipe: Chicken and bean stew

Spaghetti with spring vegetables (Photo: Sursky Hill, What to Eat)
Pasta with spring vegetables | Photo: Sursky Hill, what to eat

Pasta with spring vegetables

If we are already in an Italian mood, some pasta should also be eaten at this meal. We picked Pasta with Spring Vegetables by Tal Sorsky from the blog comparing What to Eat, hoping that climate reads the section and understands that spring is indeed supposed to be here. Note that the recipe is for 1 serving – if you multiply all the ingredients by 4, you get a beautiful family dish.

Recipe: Pasta with spring vegetables

Tomato salad and Italian bread (Photo: Olga Nayashkova, Istock)
Tomato salad and Italian bread
| Photo: Olga Nayashkova, iStock

panzanella salad

We call it “Tomato Salad and Italian Bread,” and we love it so much that on weekdays we consider it a meal for everything. I admit that on the onion-frying aspect – which if we don’t mistake it is also not particularly Italian – we tend to skip it, however, even with fresh onions, it’s an excellent salad.

Recipe: Panzanella Salad

Exploding almond and maple cookies (Photo: Natalie Levine, Most Delicious at Home, Azure Publishing)
Exploding Almond and Maple Cookies | Photo: Natalie Levine, tastier at home, Azure Publishing

Almond and Maple Cookies

These cookies are of the type called “snowy” or “explosive cookies”. If they ask us to call them “explosive cookies” specifically, because the feeling is that they have so many maples, almonds, and other goodies, that they really overflow. Just the way we like it

Recipe: Almond and Maple Biscuits

Shabbat Shalom!

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