5 recipes for a meal on Saturday that benefit the soul

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Recipes for the perfect meal on Friday or Saturday

It’s common in our recipes this week that everyone has an Asian affiliation of one kind or another, but most of all – from the perfect oven-baked salmon to the great pancake – just do well for the heart

filming: Nimrod Saunders Good food

Oven salmon

Usually when we feel like we’re putting salmon in the oven, we take a nice piece of filet, sprinkle some olive oil and salt on it and put it in the oven for 15 minutes, and it always comes out delicious. But for Saturday dinner? For Saturday dinner, we invest and mix garlic, mustard, honey, and thyme leaves and spread on salmon and then swear next time we’ll always make it like this.

Recipe: Baked salmon

Whole rice with tofu and fried vegetables (Photo: Imagebank/Thinkstock)
Whole rice with tofu and fried vegetables | Photo: Imagebank / Thinkstock

Whole rice with tofu

A fun vegetarian dish to have on Saturday, alongside fish, or other weekdays as it is (there’s tofu, there’s whole grains, and there’s the veggies—we guarantee you won’t go hungry). And if there’s anything left on Sunday to work – you’re generally lucky. By the way, the vegetarian in the family (and also the vegan) will be pleased with his hair roots from this dish.

Recipe: Whole rice with tofu

Steamed eggplant (Photo: Edith Narkiss approx.
Steamed eggplant | Photo: Edith Narkis Katz, Good Food

Steamed eggplant from Aharoni

A recipe inspired by Aharoni, which proves that eggplant can be delicious even with no oil at all. So what is here? Soy, chili, garlic, rice, vinegar, ginger and other surprises from Asian cuisine, believe us – do a delicious job here on the level of frying, if not more.

For the recipe: steamed eggplant

Baked cauliflower florets with Asian sauce (Photo: Idit Narkis approx.
Baked cauliflower florets with Asian dressing | Photo: Edith Narkis Katz, Good Food

Cauliflower with Asian sauce

The cauliflower florets are roasted in the oven, and served with a sauce that simply goes with the eggplant. Want to upgrade the look of your table? Roast cauliflower in the form of slices (the so-called “steaks”), here you add an element of impression to the dish.

Recipe: Cauliflower in Asian Sauce

At Nofei Pai (Photo: Chen Shukron, good food)
In Mashhad Bay | Photo: Chen Shokron, Good Food

In Mashhad Bay

Anyone who has been to India is sure to know this dessert – a banana- and toffee-flavored pancake (hence the name – on the scene) which is considered by many to be the pinnacle of desserts. Please note that this recipe is neither short nor light, and requires investment and time, but we really urge you – give it a shot because it really is fun on another level.

For the recipe: Into the Landscape Pie

Appetite and Shabbat Shalom!

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