5 recipes for an unforgettable Saturday meal

sit down meal
Recipes for the perfect meal on Friday or Saturday

We open the Sabbath meal this time with a dish that stands very well on its own, and deserves all the attention before the rest of the dishes arrive. Then they arrive and the celebration begins again

Cabbage steak - served with tahini and tomato (Photo: Yael Katsav, Good Food)
Served with tahini and tomato | Photo: Yael Katsav Good Food

cabbage steak

I started with this dish – you can continue the meal in pita bread with yellow cheese, everything is in order. The impression is already made! This is a version of roasted cabbage, in which garlic, herbs and, of course, olive oil are also involved. Stake with grated tomatoes and tahini, creating a piece of the dish in the atmosphere of a restaurant, to which I hardly devoted 10 modest minutes.

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Chicken paella and sausage chorizo ​​(Photo: Afiq Gabai, Good Food)
Chicken paella and chorizo ​​sausage | Photo: Afic Gabay, good food

Chicken Paella and Chorizo

Yes, it’s a paella with no seafood in it, and you know what? It is no less delicious than any other paella. It has chicken and sausage chorizo, and it has saffron, without which the paella is not really a paella, and of course the rice and vegetables. Everything is cooked in chicken broth, and it comes out juicy, interesting, satisfying and delicious.

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Potato chips (Photo: Ron Yuchananoff, Good Food)
Potato Chips | Photo: Ron Johanoff, Good Food

The perfect bot

A recipe from Ron Yuchananov that was not a miracle abroad, to add potatoes that are always accepted happily and always finish, but always, first. From what we’ve heard, the difference between the first time you make this recipe and the second time is a week at most, and much less times.

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Lettuce and Roasted Tomato Salad (Photo: Rotem Lieberzon, Good Food)
Grilled lettuce and tomato salad | Photo: Rotem Liberzon, Good Food

Lettuce salad and grilled lettuce

We’re dying for this salad, by Rotem Liberzon, because there aren’t many other dishes in the life of two vegetables and a sauce (excellent sauce! Save it for other salads too) managed to capture the crown of this interesting table dish. This is the case when you leave half the vegetables (half lettuce, half tomato) fresh and half scorched in a skillet (or plancha) with olive oil. I admit that this is a clip.

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Whole-Wheat Marble Cake (Photo: Keren Ajam, Good Food)
Whole wheat marble cake | Photo: Kirin Ajam, Good Food

Wheat marble cake

A cake that proves that wholemeal flour can be considered a friend, even for those who do not stick to a particularly healthy diet on days like theirs. Originally with butter but works great with oil too.

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Health and wellness!

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