5 recipes for Saturday dinner in late November

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Recipes for the perfect meal on Friday or Saturday

After enjoying a rainy and cold winter Saturday, we’re back into the routine with a winning bowl of harima, excellent house-made shawarma and soft wraps to accompany all that goodness. Besides, there’s also a refreshing salad in an Asian direction, and for dessert in a chocolate pakka that won’t leave a trace of your morning sitting

filming: Nufar Tzur, good food

A nutritious, tasty and refreshing salad is just right for such a meal as adding some fresh veggies with a spicy touch (sensitive to spice? You can also forgo the chili).

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Asian Orange Lentil Salad (Photo: Asaf Ambram, Good Food)
Asian orange lentil salad | Photo: Asaf Abram, good food

Harima recipe which is a combination of some spicy fish recipes. The fish must be fresh. Maybe with the mullet and maybe with the place, just make sure you taste the sauce before the fish goes in the pot! Now one can go on to talk about whether the winning province is Tripoli, Morocco or Tunisia.

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Harima Orly Play Bronstein (Photo: Penny's Also for Good and Good Food)
Harima | Photo: Benny This is also good and good food

Keren Agam’s soft rolls are ideal for shashlik, which means they are also ideal for confiscating: the sauce absorbs, tender even the next day (provided that it is stored properly), helps hot people and cannot be refused. The secret to softness is a small addition of cornmeal, and if you want a fluffy cake the next day as well, store it well in a bag.

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Shakshouka in a frying pan (Photo: Nuvar Tzur, Good Food)
embracing style | Photo: Nufar Tzur, good food

Chicken shawarma for us is a huge hit, yes, even the little ones are to die for. It starts at all in the oven and only then moves to the pan. In the toppings section, you can abandon the tortillas since there are rolls, but for the rest, we do not recommend giving up.

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My best recipe: Shawarma (Photo: Amir Menachem Good Food)
My best recipe: Shawarma | Photography: Amir Menachem Good food

There’s nothing like the smell of yeast cake pervading the house on a Friday. And what about the taste? Eden paradise. For a fur version Turn the butter into a paste in a third cup of canola oil and milk in water or soy milk. The filling can be used instead of dark chocolate and butter – grease the chocolate with the fur, adding a little cocoa to stabilize it.

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Baka Chocolate (Photo: Kirin Ajam, Good Food)
pakka chocolate | Photo: Kirin Ajam, Good Food

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