5 recipes that will make you the perfect Saturday meal

sit down meal
Recipes for the perfect meal on Friday or Saturday

Start with a bowl of Cuban beetroot soup, there is no better starter. After Cuban beets with chicken, potatoes, and sweet potatoes continue in the oven, a bowl of Persian rice and a tangy lettuce salad and dessert? Cake glazed with the smell of winter. Come on, it’s Friday already, we were hungry

filming: Amir Menachem is a delicious food

Cuba beet

Before you start playing with this excellent Orly Plai recipe, pay attention to some of the important tips she gave us about the crust, the meat, the sauce, and also the best way to fill the cubes and how to put them in the pot (one by one and gently).

For the recipe: Cuban beets win

Grilled chicken

After a few weekends of stews and stews we’ll go for a good simple main course that always works: shredded squash, sweet potatoes and potato cubes, sprigs of herbs to your liking (rosemary always blends well, you can also use thyme and thyme maybe sage) and a basic soy and sesame dressing And olive oil can be strengthened with grated ginger and crushed garlic cloves.

Recipe: Grilled chicken with potatoes, sweet potatoes and a light sauce

Roast chicken with potatoes, sweet potatoes, and a lighter sauce (Photo: Ron Yuchananoff, Good Food)
Grilled chicken with fries, sweet potato and lighter sauce | Photo: Ron Johanoff, Good Food

green rice

It’s hard for us to make chicken in the oven and not make rice, it’s like cutting a cucumber into a salad and not adding a tomato, there are things that go well together. This week it’s our favorite basmati rice, with a handful of cilantro we’ve cut into shape, crushed garlic and fried onions, or in other words: Persian rice. Don’t like cilantro for some reason? You can substitute with other herbs that I like.

For the recipe: Persian green rice

Green rice (Photo: Hagit Pelia and Jay Behar, Lisa Banills cookbook, Modan Publishing)
green rice – lisa plates | Photo: Hagit Billia and Jay Behar, Lisa Banellis cookbook, Modan Publishing


Did you know that neighbor’s grass is greener? So it works with salads, too, and that’s how we got to know the lettuce salad that popped up on our table quite a bit: lettuce, cranberries, onions, celery, walnuts, and almonds in a winning dressing.

For the recipe: lettuce salad from the movies

Lettuce salad from the movies (Photo: Avek Gabay, Queen of the Kitchen, Modan Publishing)
lettuce salad from the movies | Photography: Afiq Gabay, Queen of the Kitchen, Modan Publishing

Glazed Cinnamon Cake

Delicious and delicious Saturday Cake from Pantheon’s Kirin Agam recipe: A smooth cinnamon bun with a sweet and nutty coating. A classic end to Friday dinner.

Recipe: Cinnamon Cake in Sugar and Nuts Crust

Cinnamon Cake with Powdered Sugar and Nuts (Photo: Kirin Agam, Good Food)
Cinnamon cake in a glaze with sugar and nuts | Photo: Kirin Ajam, Good Food

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