5 successful recipes for an amazing meal

sit down meal
Recipes for the perfect meal on Friday or Saturday

Also Cuba with tomato, mint and garlic soup, also sauteed rice with toppings, salad with an anti-baraka tip in salad, chicken and potatoes in an oven roasting bag and for dessert: banana cake chocolate chips

filming: Bim Lake, good food


A very tasty soup with fresh mint, chopped garlic, tomatoes and lemon juice with juicy and excellent cubes inside. Now let’s see someone tell us that this is not the best way to open the Sabbath meal.

>> For the recipe: Cuban garlic and mint

Cuban garlic and mint (Photo: Michal Revivo, Ashtidach, Lunchbox Publishing)
Cuban garlic and mint | Photo: Michal Revivo, Ashtidach, Lunchbox Publishing


Every day we tell you that this is a complete and satisfying lunch on its own: basmati rice, chicken breast, onions, mushrooms, green onions, sprouts, red peppers. Full celebration. Since it is a meal every Friday and we invest in ourselves and our family, this time this wonderful rice will accompany the rest of the dishes and not be the main course.

>> For the recipe: Chicken and Mushroom Fried Rice

Chicken and mushroom fried rice (Photo: Assaf Imram, Good Food)
We want one now. Fried chicken with mushroom | Photo: Asaf Abram, good food

Cabbage and mayonnaise salad

This is a goat furrow recipe, but it is not just a recipe, but a tip that will accompany you for life from now on, thanks to which you can say goodbye to the ever-soaking sauce pudding: soak it in salt, give it two and three hours, dry it and you will realize how upgraded each salad is.

>> For the recipe: cabbage salad and mayonnaise with a light tip

Cabbage salad and mayonnaise with a light tip (Photo: Charles Islander, iStock)
Cabbage salad and mayonnaise with a light tip | Photo: Charles Islander, iStock

Chicken in a cookie

An excellent main course of chicken, fresh herbs, and potatoes, all in five minutes of work. Simple and delicious as we like. The baking itself takes an hour and a quarter, so it is advisable to place it near the meal.

>> For the recipe: Chicken in Biscuits with Mediterranean Herbs

Chicken in a cookie with herbs (Photo: Dan Leaf, at the table express, posted on the table)
Photo: Dan Leaf, On the Table Express, Posting at the Table

Banana cake

Banana and chocolate (well, even chocolate chips are seen as chocolate) is a divine combination that jumps every candy bar on several levels, and we know it. To what extent is this true? It also works in this recipe from Keren Agam, to sweeten without butter!

>> For dessert: Banana cake and chocolate chips

Chocolate Chips Banana Cake (Photo: Keren Ajam, Good Food)
Chocolate chips and banana | Photo: Kirin Ajam, Good Food

>> Another perfect dessert for kids – classic airy pie

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