7 good reasons to cook with kids

This week, Gal Gadot has shared with her tens of millions of followers around the world, whose Purim holiday is their cup of tea.

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Gal Gadot in the kitchen with her daughters

Gal Gadot in the kitchen with her daughters

(Photo: from Instagram)

Gadot uploaded photos from the home’s kitchen to her Instagram page, along with a pair of sunglasses in sunglasses and her two daughters, Maya and Alma.

The three, Shaw Dough and Gadot, wrote: “Making manna ears with my girls is my favorite holiday activity.”

Much has been written about the little time parents and children spend together. In the age of screens, everyone is gathering for their job — kids on mobile, parents on computer — and interaction is only dwindling.

The kitchen is an opportunity for a joint activity, which allows you to talk, get close and gain experiences while doing it – and not just on holidays and celebrations, but on a daily basis.

According to Susan Bormann, a dietitian and nutritionist at Herbalife, kids generally love to cook. “If given the opportunity, they would be happy to spend time in the kitchen. And why not actually?” She says, “Cooking is creative, messy and fun, and it invigorates all the senses.

“Plus, your efforts are rewarded with something that is – usually – also delicious.

“Common cooking has another important advantage: in light of the fact that rates of obesity and overweight among children have risen dramatically in recent decades as a result of, among other things, poor nutrition, going into the kitchen and meeting healthy ingredients will make them aware of what they are putting in their mouths.”

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Choosing groceries and eating wisely helps kids appreciate healthy foodChoosing groceries and eating wisely helps kids appreciate healthy food

Choosing groceries and eating wisely helps kids appreciate healthy food

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Benefits of joint cooking according to Bormann:

Evaluate healthy foods

When parents are role models in food choices, children tend to follow suit. Cooking, choosing ingredients, and eating wisely helps children appreciate healthy food. Working together in the kitchen is an opportunity to guide them to the ancestors of food, vegetables, fruits, and the wonders that can be generated from them.

Diversity and experience in new foods

Children enjoy eating what they have prepared. When children are involved in choosing ingredients and preparing food, there is more opportunity to try and savor their creations. The culinary experience will help them keep an open mind when it comes to trying new foods.

Boosting self esteem

Kids feel proud and independent while cooking. They like to brag: “I did everything myself!” When they can make something themselves, no matter how simple. When the dish is presented to the family and the child receives feedback, his or her self-esteem improves. The kitchen is definitely an opportunity to introduce them to recipes tailored to their age.

Create creativity

Once the kids have acquired basic skills and learned to follow the instructions in the recipes, encourage them to be creative. You can start by creating a simple basic recipe. After creating some of their own recipes, many enjoy creating a recipe book.

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Children and vegetarians.  How do you build a list of them?Children and vegetarians.  How do you build a list of them?

Slicing vegetables – a great way to improve control of fine motor skills

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Spending time together in the kitchen can be fun and relaxing for kids and adults. Most of the time, kids don’t need convincing to join the kitchen, so use this time to enjoy each other’s company and talk about how tasty and healthy the meal you’re going to make will be.

Improve fine motor skills

Stirring and mixing ingredients, rolling dough or chopping vegetables for older kids are great ways to improve fine motor control and hand-eye coordination.

Improve attention and focus

Cooking involves following the instructions in the recipes and following the steps for a delicious end product. In the process of cooking, children learn to pay attention to detail, learn quickly on the go and need to focus on the task if they eventually also want to eat what they have prepared.

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