8 recipes with seasonal fruits

Gluten Free Pancakes

In Chef Omar Miller’s house, strawberries will not be refused – whole, on sour cream or in smoothie and of course with chocolate cake, but undoubtedly the winning combination in the Miller family’s home is cloud pancakes with red strawberries. A pampering, gluten-free recipe for delicious, soft, cloud-like pancakes.

For Cloud Miller Pie Recipe

Photo: Unit Sultan Zuckerman

apple layer cake

Sign Yonit Zuckerman on a recipe for a soft, juicy cake layered with apples and scented with vanilla and cinnamon. An easy-to-make and insanely delicious cake that will define your weekend.

For the Ionic Apple Pie recipe

Lemon and Yogurt Cupcake by Rita Goldstein (Photo: Rita Goldstein)
Pictured: Rita Goldstein

Strawberry and lemon cupcake

Rita Goldstein’s Recipe KStrawberry, yogurt and lemon muffins, which are not only Beautiful and impressive they are also very tasty and require 5 minutes of work.

Rita Goldstein cupcake recipe

Potatoes with olive oil and orange (Photo: Shaina Gershovich)
Photo: Shaina Gershovich

crispy fries

What is the relationship between crispy, crispy potatoes and the winter fruit you ask? We wondered, too, but this recipe by Shayna Gershovich exposed us to a new take, super simple and super sweet: addictive crunchy fries topped with olive oil, orange, and maple served alongside a perfect vegan aioli.

For the recipe of crispy potatoes from China

Jordan Harrell Orange Cake (Photo: Jordan Harrell)
Pictured: Jordan Harrell

Orange cake in 5 ingredients

If you already have oranges, no list of fruit recipes would be complete without an orange cake in silence, simple and delicious. Jordan Harrell’s recipe is gluten-free and quick to make and requires only 5 ingredients.

For the orange cake recipe in Jordan>

Vegan strawberry crumbs (Photo: Rachelle Crout)
Photo: Rachelle Crut

vegan strawberry crumbs

There is no such simple and spoiled winter dessert as a crumble, but most of the time we are used to mixing it with apples, and this time the recipe for Racheli Krot is already varied with strawberries. The kofta itself is vegan, quick and easy to prepare and would be great with the addition of an ice cream scoop.

For the recipe for Racheli Crott . crumbs

Kiwi Cake (Photo: Tomer Umansky)
Photo: Tomer Umansky

Cheesecake and kiwi

Confectioner Tomer Umansky in a recipe for a wonderful, easy to prepare and insanely delicious cake, which includes vanilla cake as the first layer, spoiled cream cheese and, above all, maple-glazed kiwi.

For Tomer Umansky Vanilla Kiwi Cake recipe>

Sea fish sashimi with pomegranate (Photo: Israel Aharoni)
Photo: Israel Aharoni

Sea fish sashimi with pomegranate

Chef Israel Aharoni’s recipe for fresh sea fish sashimi with radish, olive oil, natural pomegranate juice and a handful of pomegranate seeds. A delicious and hearty dish with a festive and impressive appearance, but very simple in preparation.

For sashimi aharoni recipe

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