8000 will not enter against Maccabi Tel Aviv

Maccabi Haifa responded harshly to the Football Association Disciplinary Court’s decision to reject the appeal regarding the closure of the northern stand in the league match against Maccabi Tel Aviv. Regardless of the fact that this position is dominant, the thought of closing it in the match against Maccabi Tel Aviv, the Greens’ arch-rival and possibly even the championship match, is infuriating.

It should be noted that in Haifa they believed that only the lower runway with 4,000 seats would be closed, but the association made it clear that the entire northern wing with 8,000 seats would be closed.

“It seems so painful to see us champions for the second time,” they said in Haifa, and in a decisive match in the tournament? “What exactly hurts people, no one can understand.”

Haifa is also studying another topic that may arise, which is the desire not to have a flare-up between fan camps and organizations, as the only place Haifa’s fans can move to is the southern amphitheater near the Maccabi Tel Aviv stands, which can heat up. In Haifa, they said, “No one dared move Betar and Sakhnin fans 10 meters away. The upper northern runway is not a stand for Ultras cheerleading and has never been prosecuted, it is already on the verge of scandal and the police will not approve of the stadium.”

Bashar: I failed in this game and this happens

On a professional level, the team is continuing its preparations for the first leg in Bloomfield against Hapoel Tel Aviv with almost the entire crew to remove Raz Meir who is undergoing rehabilitation. If the call was desired, it reduced a lot of unnecessary tension: now Rodriguez can play quietly without fear of option exercise.

The Spaniard, who is highly regarded and has little interest abroad, could leave at the end of the season unless Maccabi Haifa wants the player so much and agrees to meet the new financial terms he will need, which are likely to be much higher than the player. The estimated salary of the player is 300,000 euros.

The criticisms made by owner Yaakov Shahar yesterday at the team meeting about the ability to face Maccabi Netanya were met with complete understanding by the players: in a group.

On the other hand, the group’s spokesman, Dudu Bezek, received the Social Justice Shield from Yad Ezer Lahiver in the presence of hundreds of Holocaust survivors, ministers, Knesset members, school students, military units and police units. The reasons for the decision are as follows: “Yad Azer Lahfar unanimously decided to award the spokesman of Maccabi Haifa Football Club, Mr. Dudu Bezek, in the framework of the Holocaust Remembrance and Heroes Celebration, the “Social Defender” award. Justice” for his blessed activity and his special participation in dealing with survivors. The crematorium from the warm house on Kessel Street, Haifa.

Dudu Bezeq receiving the Shield of Justice from Shimon Sabbagh (Macabi Haifa official website)

club manager, Assaf bin DovHe said: “Macabi Haifa Football Club congratulates our uncle for the great honor he received, and rightly from the Yad Ezer Lahiver Association. It is a great honor for his uncle in particular and for the club in general to support and help volunteer for the association and the community.”

In the presence of Holocaust survivors, CEO of Yad Azer Haber, Shimon Sabbagh, public figures and hundreds of other people, a Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony was held in Haifa. The event was moderated by media personality Yoni Hillel, in addition to young players  department, departments. The ceremony was held at the Memorial to Holocaust Survivors.

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