After Summoning the Big Strauss: Alternative Snacks

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Strauss announced a recall after concerns about salmonella in dozens of chocolate products, which immediately got us thinking about an alternative, because if there’s anything we want right now it’s a snack. In short: What is the ruling on nuts and delicious? We have a solution (as well as homemade recipes for the investors of you)

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This morning, Strauss Company announced the discovery of several samples of salmonella in the production line of the Elite Chocolate Factory, and among the products that raise concern about the presence of salmonella are beef chocolate bars, snacks, flavors, and fun. Spoon, lentils and assorted snacks. After the massive recall was announced, we immediately thought of alternatives to those snacks that unfortunately made it onto the list of banned-to-use snacks:

the taste

Perhaps the most delicious and underappreciated Israeli snack (and the blue-packed version of the pretzel is the only one that justifies using the pretzel trend in desserts we’ve already gotten out of all the holes). The required snack for those craving my taste is Walks: Although it lacks crunch, it has a lot of caramel.

>> There is also a recipe for a delicious snack that you can make yourself

March snacks (Photo: Roman Samokhin, ShutterStock)
March snacks | Photo: Roman Samokhin, ShutterStock

White Cow Chocolate With Cookies

She was here before her, she’s small and skinny and always winds up very quickly, and yes, we mean the tableBiscuits and cream Sheikh and Mahboub Alrashez. Normally we’re not exactly fans of Hershey’s, but for this snack of ours we have a cozy corner in our hearts.

fun spoon

Well, this is really clear:Kitkat. Not to mention the fact that there are dozens if not hundreds of flavors and special versions of this snack, it’s simply delicious and fun, and the coating is thicker.

Kit Kat (Photo: Billion Images, shutterstock)
Kitkat | Photo: a billion photos, shutterstock


Forgive us nuts, but in advance sport shoes It is the most delicious chocolate snack. True, these are peanuts and not hazelnuts, but if you’re still craving hazelnuts, you can always enjoy the excellent Ferrero Rocher or Hanuta ball, which has smaller pieces of hazelnut.

>> And those who really want to overdo it can also make a Ferrero Rocher-style snack at home.

Cow Crisis

Another excellent snack of chocolate, which contains the Holy Trinity: chocolate, milk cream and biscuits. On the other hand, Twix snacks can round off the chocolate biscuit corner with great fun (although they do have caramel and not milk cream, but who are we to say no to caramel cream?), but if we’re still talking about a more subtle alternative then let’s recommend Click biscuitin our opinion the best click, and one of the most delicious snacks in general.

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