Also in the 90th minute: 5 recommended stalls in the port market to arrange the holiday for you

When Michel Ansky is in the field, there’s no need to stress it out: at the Port Market Style Editor’s Table Manufacturers Festival, you can buy at the 90th minute everything you need for the holiday as a gift or to fill your privacy fridge. The first-of-its-kind event to be held this week focuses on small, local producers from across the country. On the south square, dozens of stalls will be set up to offer Easter dishes in a traditional version or in personal translation and gifts. Examples: chicken and almond soup as soup stew, gluten-free concoctions and pastries from the Blend Shop, handmade marzipan from the almond house of Tavor Village, liqueurs from Hollander’s Distillery and crafts from Cochinta African Women’s Cooperative.

Michel Ansky, If We Eat Your Knee Bleach Would We Look Like This Too? (Photo by Shelley Brill)

The Editor’s Table Festival is another link in the series of events that the El Mina Market is holding in cooperation with local farmers and producers. The difference is that this time the festival focuses on holiday foods and crafts that emphasize tradition. We’ve collected recommendations for equal purchases for you or as a gift.

Radish Sherry and Michel Ansky

The mother and daughter who drive the port market each in their own way prepare for the festival ruthless, hot, itchy radishes on the one hand, and sweet and clear on the other, like life itself. The stall will also sell soft, chewy pasta according to a traditional recipe made by Sherry Ansky, just toss it in your homemade chicken soup because it’s not really complicated (or bought from a soup stall). 20-25 shekels.

Without standing for a minute in the kitchen (Shani Brill photo)

Without standing for a minute in the kitchen (Shani Brill photo)

2. Sweets by Ronit Zein Crescent

The country’s artisanal candy makers can be counted on one hand, and Ronit Zen Crescent holds a stature. For the Easter market, they make soft and fluffy chocolate chip cookies, handcrafted marshmallows, mustard jam, nut-encrusted fudge, crunchy coconut snacks and much more, all with a quality that won’t embarrass the Paris confectionery. Perfect solution when resetting gift ideas. 10-50 shekels.

3. The chocolate maker Omri Elias spreads it

With all due respect to Nutella, this year it’s possible to upgrade the traditional Easter sandwich with spreads from talented chocolatier Omri Elias: salty sunflower seeds and an artisanal hazelnut spread. On the way, it is recommended to collect Matsah dipped and filled with chocolate for morning coffee the next day. 35 shekels per unit, 85 shekels for a deluxe box of a pair of spreads and an engraved spoon.

4. Helicopters Assaf Day

One of the top contenders in the history of Master Chef our family thanks to Mama’s heart, her cooking and her colorful and lively personality. In his stall in the port market, large pots of hot choppers will stand – a traditional Tunisian stew for Easter meat and spring vegetables. 25/50 shekels.

5. Their own kitchen

50 savvy people, confectioners, restaurateurs, bloggers, and food women have donated nearly 100 recipes to a book about women’s power and empowerment. All proceeds from the sale of the book are donated to the Association of Centers for Assistance to Victims and Victims of Sexual Abuse in Israel and to programs run by the Association throughout the country, to educate children and young people to prevent and benefit sexual violence. and mutual sex. Give the full meaning of the word. 142 shekels.

& quot;  their own kitchen

“Their Own Kitchen” Editor: Yael Kalev

Hangar 12, Port Market, Tel Aviv, Wed – Thu (13-14.4), 10:00 to 18:00

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