Balanced Independence Day: 20 Recipes to Celebrate

Cauliflower Shawarma in Pita Bread

A recipe is a particularly successful combination of strengths between the chef Yonit Zuckerman and confectioner Tomer Umansky are, in our eyes, the most Israeli and the most festive. Arabic bread stuffed with cauliflower stuffed with tahini and goodies. Easy to prepare and insanely delicious.

To make homemade pita and cauliflower shawarma

Photo: Unit Sultan Zuckerman

Cauliflower in the oven

Even if you do not like shawarma, cauliflower is simply an indispensable component of every meal for us, because it is simply delicious in all respects. Yes, even in the oven, with tahini or with Unite Zuckerman’s secret sauce.

For a recipe for cauliflower in the oven in a secret ionic sauce>

Lentil broth with homemade chickpeas (Photo: Rachelle Crout)
Photo: Rachelle Crut

Hummus with rosary

As far as we are concerned, there is no Independence Day without hummus, and if so – so be it homemade hummus. In this recipe by Racheli Krott, mosbaha chickpeas and lentil soup are actually the perfect vegetarian meal we’d be happy to eat every day.

For Homemade Hummus Recipe for Rachelle Crout

Another great option, which actually combines previous recipes quite a bit, is this crazy and simple cauliflower recipe.

Cauliflower recipe>

Vegetarian or vegan Syrian kebab (Photo: Shani Matseboun)
Photo: two consciences


Yes, vegetarian kebabs can be made without meat, without eggs, without charcoal and barbecue, and there is a version even without gluten. Try to be surprised to discover how simple it is, and especially how delicious it is.

For a vegetarian mushroom kebab recipe

For a Syrian kebab recipe based on ground vegetables>

Tofu skewers (Photo: Cher Salt)
Photo: Cher Salette

tofu skewers

Everyone knows that the real secret of delicious skewers is the marinade. So here’s a recipe for a perfect seasoning for vegetable and tofu skewers that will soak up all the flavors. Fast, tasty and without much fuss.

For the perfect marinade recipe for skewers

Rita Goldstein's grill plate (Photo: Rita Goldstein)
Pictured: Rita Goldstein

Roasted celery root

To us too, it may seem a little strange at first, but we guarantee this recipe by Rita Goldstein is a brilliance worth trying and your patience. Celery root roasted in the oven or oven, amazing on the outside and juicy and custom on the inside, served with tahini, ambala and spicy.

Celery Root recipe by Rita Goldstein

An oriental-style veggie burger (Photo: Shani Mitzbun)
Photo: two consciences


What makes a delicious burger a great burger is simply the right seasoning, with or without bun, on the grill or simply in the skillet. How to prepare theAn oriental-style vegetarian or vegan burger with fresh herbs and a touch of refreshing spicesDoesn’t taste like any hamburger we’ve bought.

For a vegetarian burger recipe

Mushroom-stuffed rolls by Unitt Zuckerman (Photo: Unitt Sultan Zuckerman)
Photo: Unit Sultan Zuckerman

stuffed rolls

If you already have a cake, you must try it. A crazy recipe that proves that vegetable fats are just as tasty and delicious as meat. You need a little patience to work with the dough but the beautiful result and the amazing loading are worth it.

Get Yonit Zuckerman’s Stuffed Rolls recipe>

For a gluten-free vegan ham (Photo: Shayna Gershovich)
Photo: Shaina Gershovich

vegan gluten free

Sheina Gershovich’s version of Hamjon’s popular meat pastry (or Ajin bread), is meat-free and gluten-free with a dough made with particularly surprising ingredients and plenty of even toppings.

For a recipe for Sheena Hamjoon>

Mexican corn (Photo: Daniel Schechter)
Photo: Daniel Schechter

Mexican-style corn cobs

If you thought hot corn was just for kids, it’s time to rediscover it with this light roasted corn recipe with the perfect layer of mayonnaise, yogurt, and Atlantic salt that will make your Cancun vacation feel right from the first bite.

Mexican Roasted Corn recipe

Aharoni's perfect chips (Photo: Israel Aharoni)
Photo: Israel Aharoni

French fries

Kebab, hamburger or skewers – the most important thing is to put the potatoes on the side! So, if you’re in the classic french fries department, you’re ready to see how aharoni makes a perfect dish.

Aharoni’s Secret Recipe for Perfect Chips

For aharoni skewers of french fries>

For Ionic Kahlabi French Fries Recipe

Homemade spicy pickles (Photo: Babushka Productions)
Photo: Babushka Productions


Pickles are also a must on every fire (even if they don’t have a barbecue or fire at all) and they simply enhance and upgrade every meal. So here are two different recipes for homemade pickles that, if you make today, you’ll be ready to eat your Independence Day stamp.

Spicy homemade pickle recipe

Get a recipe for quick pickles from Shaina Gerchovich>

Waldorf salad with fresh pineapple (Photo: Sofgi)
Photo: Sofgi

refreshing salad

Every meal should have one or more salads, and there are countless, delicious and surprisingly good salads that can fit into the holiday spirit, but this one is reminiscent of summer and comes sealed next to a rotisserie (or wok) plate. Omar Miller’s version of one of the most famous and beloved salads has its own twist, which pays tribute to his favorite pineapple.

Waldorf Omar Miller salad recipe

Vegetarian magnum from China (Photo: Shaina Gershovich)
Photo: Shaina Gershovich

frozen dessert

A well-balanced meal should also end with a sweet, pampered topping, so there are two crazy options for delicious and amazing frozen desserts made by Sheina Gershovich, who are vegan and gluten-free.

6 ingredient vegan Twix recipe>

For a gluten-free vegan recipe

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