Shlomo Ventura presents Grandma’s recipes

Shlomo Ventura, an educator and activist in Ladino culture in Israel, presents a recipe booklet in memory of his beloved late grandmother still. In the recipe book, Shlomo Ventura tells about events from family life and collects stories and recipes that express delicious food, simplicity and endless giving. Horseshoe and meat dumplings Shlomo Ventura’s favorite … Read more

Potato recipes that you must try

Sobeih in the fire Chef Unite Zuckerman upgrades potatoes away from the fire and turns them into an authentic sabih dish inside a potato, just give it a try. Unite Zuckerman’s Sweet Potato Sobeeh recipe Pictured: Jordan Harrell Potatoes stuffed with sweet potato sauce Jordan Harrell also went for an upgrade to classic potato chips, … Read more

Vegetarian recipes that will make vegan easier than ever

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The green team cooks in memory of the fallen

Lentil pancakes in memory of Menachem Yosef In memory of the fallen soldier Menachem Yosef, 19 years old at the time of his downfall, Hashek Yisrael Aharoni prepared lentil pancakes that Menachem especially loved. Vegetarian and gluten free recipe. For lentil pancakes recipe Photo: Tomer Umansky Pizza in memory of my life Levi Confectioner Tomer … Read more

More people are choosing alternatives to meat

This week we celebrate the 74th Independence Day of the State of Israel, when tens of thousands of Israelis turned out to celebrate with barbecues and “on the fire” outdoors with family and friends. In recent years, awareness of animal suffering as well as the harms of lesbians in the meat industry has increased and … Read more

Eliminate Chamitz: 3 Dessert Recipes

(Photo: Shutterstock) We have collected the perfect recipes for getting rid of chamatis. Recipe Ingredients: 1 sachet of thawed pilaf dough to fill in: Half a cup of cocoa½ cup light brown sugarHalf a cup of oil2 teaspoons cinnamon For brushing before baking: scrambled eggsa little brown sugar sugar solution: a third of a cup … Read more

After Summoning the Big Strauss: Alternative Snacks

food news Everything that is interesting in Israeli cuisine Strauss announced a recall after concerns about salmonella in dozens of chocolate products, which immediately got us thinking about an alternative, because if there’s anything we want right now it’s a snack. In short: What is the ruling on nuts and delicious? We have a solution … Read more

85th minute: Maccabi Petah Tikva – Hapoel Nof Galilee 3: 0

Tomer Habaz | 23/04/2022 18:00 Edo Shahar (Hagai Michaeli) Moment of Truth for Maccabi Petah Tikva and Hapoel Nof Hagalil. The two teams who close the English Premier League table meet at this time in a meeting from which they can not be returned in the lower playoffs, at the end of which the aspirations … Read more