11 salad recipes for the cedar table

hot broccoli salad A festive and impressive dish that combines oven-roasted greens and fresh greens, alternating between salad and hot topping. Either way, it’s a great addition to any meal and is definitely worth catching on our holiday table. For a hot broccoli and sweet potato salad recipe Photo: Babushka Productions Festive lettuce salad Whatever … Read more

Easter gifts 2022 | Table

It smells like a happy holiday Vase made of orange peel from the July rose. Photo: Shalev Ariel vase made of orange peel At first glance, Yuli Maroz’s business appears to be made of leather, but when you look closely (and smell mostly) – these are dried citrus peels, treated with a technology that prevents … Read more

Who is responsible for the readiness of local authorities for a cyber attack?

The author is Colonel (Res.), former Director General of the Department of the Interior, and Research Fellow at the Institute for Counterterrorism Policy (ICT), Reichman University. The increasing frequency of cyber-attacks on public institutions in Israel makes cyber-attacks on local authorities a matter of time. The numerous gaps and lack of clarity regarding the components … Read more

Without mixer: perfect dough without kneading

So what exactly is a dough without kneading and why the hell have we always thought that in order to bake good bread or pastries, we must know how to work with a mixer and make yeast doughs? The secret lies in bloating in general Non-kneading dough usually consists of flour, yeast, sugar, salt and … Read more

Easter recipes – Ashdod net

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7 good reasons to cook with kids

This week, Gal Gadot has shared with her tens of millions of followers around the world, whose Purim holiday is their cup of tea. 3 Watch the exhibition Gal Gadot in the kitchen with her daughters (Photo: from Instagram) Gadot uploaded photos from the home’s kitchen to her Instagram page, along with a pair of … Read more