One hundred and eighty degrees – all the advantages of Shavuot pastries

In collaboration with White Chef15.05.22 09:48 14 Bayer Techbief Pentecost is not only a holiday of milk – it is also a holiday of sweets. Whether it’s a festive quiche, parchment cheese, or a vegetable pie, luxurious and fragrant pastries are something that your Pentecost table doesn’t feel complete without. Why pastries? The benefits … Read more

4 recipes for Saturday dinner

sit down meal Recipes for the perfect meal on Friday or Saturday If you look closely, you’ll already see the weeks, but we’d prefer not to look far, and go for a simple and winning Saturday meal. Pies, couscous with vegetables, a salad for life and a quick and crazy dessert. Fun life, in a … Read more

Chickpea salad recipe by Chef Oren Asido

The Hummus Festival taking place these days in Israel offers the innovative interpretation of pioneering restaurants for magic beans and hummus pastry. Chef Oren Asido told on the occasion of the event which variety of berries is worth buying and what makes hummus especially delicious. Revital and Non | mako | Posted on 05/10/22 14:53 … Read more

The coalition proposed by Netanyahu is a threat to our independence and a recipe for destruction

The recent incitement to hatred by Rivka Michaeli and Michel Gonen-Agmon is an honest representation of the ugliness that dominates our lives. This ugliness threatens to become a tangible danger to Israeli society and democracy. The sin of both is sympathy and understanding with the suffering of the stranger who lives among us and by … Read more

From the temple to Instagram: this is how Shallah became Israel’s national carbohydrate

If you ask strangers about Jewish food, God is probably the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind,” says Yonet Naftali, food researcher and editor of “Food,” the culinary suite at “We”—the Museum of the Jewish People, whose activity focuses on Jewish food From all periods, this is perhaps the secret of the Sheleh, which … Read more

A Recipe for an Explosion on the Temple Mount: Israel and the Palestinians Live in Two Worlds…

The recurring events in which tensions escalate between Israel and the Palestinians, around the Temple Mount and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, largely reflect the very different ways in which the two sides internalize the reality around the mountain, in particular. Israel’s activity there. All this based on their different mental infrastructure. In the infrastructure of Israeli … Read more

A soft recipe for making kebab skewers with vegetables and sauce

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How do you make a mafalfa pie like the Moroccan grandmothers?

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