Sidr Nights Recipes: Our 7-course meal

>> All Easter recipes >> This is how the Easter plate is organized appetizers Chicken soup with kneaded Haim Cohen In the case of such a classic dish – perhaps a classic Easter dish – we feel safe to follow in the footsteps of the most classic chef. A recipe worth chopping up and keeping … Read more

Very tasty foods to be incorporated into the diet

Maintaining a healthy weight is important. The diet menu often contains sugary foods and snack foods such as tasteless potato chips or low-calorie snacks, which eliminate the urge to persevere in the process even before you start it. Mia Ben Ephraim, a clinical dietitian, believes that dieting or maintaining healthy eating habits should not necessarily … Read more

A letter to my daughter who is part of a youth delegation to the extermination camps in Poland

Corona disrupted the entire mega-project of high school trips to Poland. This year, the Ministry of Education decided, too late, to agree to leave for Poland for a limited number of schools. The vast majority of them were not able to prepare logistically in the short time remaining until Easter. Of the 18 delegations that … Read more

Indulgence pan mixes

The field of confectionery contains a whole world of techniques and methods for making wonderful sweets of all kinds and types. One of the most delicious and easy-to-prepare families of desserts are pan desserts. If you imagine sweet dough and dripping with oil – you are not mistaken, but the world of sweets contains much … Read more