The Rehovot platform has released a digital recipe book called “Cook and Remember” to commemorate the victims of Rehovot through the foods they loved.

Celebrating independence in the streets! The Municipality of Rehovot and the Municipal Assembly invite the residents to the Independence Day celebrations that will take place on Wednesday, 4.5, starting at 20:00. Main stage at Founders Park Directed by street actor Daniel Morechet, and opening sequences of performances, children’s star “Nati Hajati Zahrat” will open on … Read more

“Recipe with Memory” started in Hod Hasharon and spread all over the world – green

The association “Recipe with Memory” deals with the remembrance of the victims of the Israeli regimes in a unique way that combines food and memory. The association was founded by Hod Hasharon resident Eden Kohli, founder and director of “Recipe with Memory” since 2015. Eden, a pioneer in the reserve, currently runs a national activity … Read more

8000 will not enter against Maccabi Tel Aviv

Maccabi Haifa responded harshly to the Football Association Disciplinary Court’s decision to reject the appeal regarding the closure of the northern stand in the league match against Maccabi Tel Aviv. Regardless of the fact that this position is dominant, the thought of closing it in the match against Maccabi Tel Aviv, the Greens’ arch-rival and … Read more

Instead of Matsa, Eat Tortillas: Easy, Kosher Easter Recipes

Tortillas made with lentils and sprouted chickpeas are rich in protein and gluten-free and also suitable for those with celiac sensitivities. They form the basis of a complete meal, contain no added sugar, food coloring, or preservatives, and are excellent as a base for sandwiches, rolls with various fillings, pizza, pies, casseroles, and other uses … Read more

Recipe: Roasted sweet potato stuffed with chickpeas

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Easter recipes: the most important ones that will upgrade the night of the seder

In less than two weeks we will all be centered around the seder table, surrounding ourselves with family or close friends and celebrating Easter – which for the past two years we have had to celebrate in a limited way. This time, in order for the holiday table to be filled with delicious and varied … Read more