chapter letter? They tell you to “go”, then go

Moment after Nir Klinger’s dismissal, Maccabi Petah Tikva held a press conference today (Tuesday) with team president Avi Luzon and new interim coach Omar Golan, who is the team’s professional manager. The press conference was broadcast live on the website.

Malabes, stuck at the bottom and below the red line, will hope to survive the relegation in the remaining four rounds in the final qualifying. Maccabi Petah Tikva has 23 points and is only one point away from Hapoel Jerusalem, which might struggle to stay with them until the last minute.

Avi Luzon He said: “When I was here about four months ago at a press conference we added Nir Klinger I didn’t think we would finish the season with him so early because his expectations and our expectations were on all different levels. What’s more to remind everyone that the team added six top players to the squad in January “Four or five of them will start on the team and the sixth will be included as well. I really believe with all my heart we have the best staff from the sub-teams, and the results are pretty poor. We’ve barely had 30% of success, which is a sure recipe for regression, the only reason we’re in a situation where you’re in chance of survival, is that the other two reasons had poor results as well.”

Avi Luzon (Shahar Gross)

“That’s why, after a lot of thought and deliberation, we decided to part ways. He knows the age of the players and the system, he’s been here for 30 years and he knows everyone. I know him from the age of 11 or 12 when he was in the kids group, so I trust him a thousand percent. Certainly. With his leadership and calmness he will add to us what we lack to achieve the goal of staying in the league, because it is very bad sportingly, professionally and financially. This is my chance to say that I believe in Omar very much and I am sure he will achieve the task, and of course I wish him well. We have a good enough team to win the remaining matches “.

Omar Golan (Shaher Gross)Omar Golan (Shaher Gross)

About the reason for the dismissals: bad results and bad atmosphere. I got down deep into things and started checking out guys. They did not broadcast on a single wave with the yoke. I wanted there to be a good atmosphere for them to come and commit suicide on the pitch and get results. Three coaches this season a recipe for relegation? “When I got to the heart of things, I understood the atmosphere and the players’ unwillingness to commit suicide on the field.”

I’ve never issued a letter of dismissal to anyone, it is some new trend that we will be “give me a letter of dismissal”, and they tell you to “go” so go. I haven’t issued one to anyone, just come sit back and wrap up and that’s it. They would send him a message at his request, and it didn’t end badly, he realized he didn’t hit the targets, and he thought he’d have at least 50% hit, but if he had done it we would have stayed 8th. “There is only one test, and that is the result test, and in that it fails.”

Avi Luzon and Nir Klinger. Avi Luzon and Nir Klinger. They tell you to go, so go (Shahar Gross)

On the appointment of Omar Golan, Luzon said: “Omar has an advantage over everyone, even if you bring Mourinho, he would like to know the players, Omar knows everyone what is plus and what is lacking. No coach in Israel can come here and do a better job than Omar.” “.

Maccabi Petah Tikva players in training (Shaher Gross)Maccabi Petah Tikva players in training (Shaher Gross)
Omar Golan and Eric Janko (Shaher Gross)Omar Golan and Eric Janko (Shaher Gross)
Avi Luzon and Maccabi Petah Tikva (Shahar Gross) playersAvi Luzon and Maccabi Petah Tikva (Shahar Gross) players
Avi Luzon (Shahar Gross)Avi Luzon (Shahar Gross)
Dor Alo (Shahar Gross)Dor Alo (Shahar Gross)
The role of Jan (Shahar Gross)The role of Jan (Shahar Gross)
Edo Shahar (Shahar Gross)Edo Shahar (Shahar Gross)

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