Chickpea salad recipe by Chef Oren Asido

The Hummus Festival taking place these days in Israel offers the innovative interpretation of pioneering restaurants for magic beans and hummus pastry. Chef Oren Asido told on the occasion of the event which variety of berries is worth buying and what makes hummus especially delicious.

Perfectly timed with International Hummus Day on May 13, Israel celebrates the first official hummus festival in our counties and honors a dish that has become synonymous with Israeli food.

The festive event hosted by “Achla Hummus” is taking place in several restaurants across the country that will serve up amazing meals for the chef centered around chickpeas as their raw material.

Chef Oren Asido of Tel Aviv festival co-founder Oren Asido, and clinical nutritionist Sherry Nakash, who loves hummus, met at Paula and Leon’s studio to talk about the pie salad and berries behind her.

Talk songs let’s talk about hummus

“When people are told hummus, they immediately think of the ointment they rub with pita. I want to draw our attention to the fact that chickpeas are primarily a grain. Chickpeas are a superfood. They are a real superfood before they were even called superfoods • they are Very cheap and I recommend to start using it as a raw material.

“Chickpeas contain a lot of essential proteins and amino acids that our bodies don’t know how to produce on their own. Anyone who doesn’t eat animal protein products, I recommend that they start putting chickpeas on the menu. Certainly for those who eat animal protein.”

“Besides, chickpeas contain a lot of dietary fiber important for satiety and the digestive system, as well as contain a lot of iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium.

“Some people whose digestive systems are sensitive to chickpeas because it’s a legume. If I recommend soaking chickpeas the night before and changing the water during the soaking. Don’t be afraid of frozen options either. It saves us labor and soaking – “Buying canned chickpeas isn’t a bad option at all, as long as it’s not It contains various salts such as sodium.

The first breakfast and lunch of hummus

From theory to practice: Chef Oren Asido’s first surprise in the studio was a unique prana bread that broke many conventions regarding matching pita and hummus. In addition to a unique portion of chickpeas prepared by Asido by adding fresh beans and green beans.

Oren Asido, what will happen at the festival?

“One of the things that is most important to me is that there are other uses for chickpeas. It’s true that we are all familiar with creamed chickpeas, but there are dishes like ‘Compassion Milan’ which relies on green chickpeas before they dry. Fresh, cooked and roasted.” It is a broccoli stew with green almonds, yogurt and chickpeas. There is also a Moroccan fish dish with chickpeas.

Will all of this be served in your restaurant?

“Yes, next Friday, May 13th, we have our first hummus brunch at Ola’s. Most of my restaurants are heading towards Morocco, so I made a mix because hummus is also available in North Africa.”

Watch Asido’s full recipe video for original homemade chickpeas – including the range of recommended grains for stews and the big secret to homemade chickpea salad that comes out like chickpeas. If you want to diversify with some truly amazing hummus dishes, then run into the Hummus Festival that will take place from May 9-13.

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