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It smells like a happy holiday Vase made of orange peel from the July rose. Photo: Shalev Ariel

vase made of orange peel

At first glance, Yuli Maroz’s business appears to be made of leather, but when you look closely (and smell mostly) – these are dried citrus peels, treated with a technology that prevents mold growth, but retains that citrus scent. Some citrus peels are attached to jewelry and some are tied together and carved into light fixtures, bowls, and baskets. We especially loved the vase thanks to the special look, pleasant aroma and most importantly – the innovative use of food waste. (Lee Gil, deputy editor).

how much does it cost: 310 shekels for a vase with a height of 18 cm; Can be ordered by size
Where do I get: On Instagram, Yuli Maroz

for us?  Only black coffee mug illustrations designed by Ilanit Chima

for us? only black Illustrations of coffee mugs designed by Ilanit Chima

illustrations of coffee cups

There is nothing upon which my life may depend more than coffee, and there is nothing upon which my life nourishes more than art. So it’s no surprise that I like the fact that the two go hand in hand: For several weeks now, illustrator Ilanit Cheema has been drawing your morning cup of coffee with digital illustrations, both at home and abroad. She uploads illustrations to a dedicated Instagram account (koret_bacafe) and now she also sells them on her online store. Perhaps a lovable illustration of a cup of coffee at home will save you one cup of coffee a day (Royt Barnea, magazine editor).

how much does it cost: Starting at 315 NIS per illustration
Where do I get: on chima’s website

 Snack on an elegant wooden tray by Studio Bow |  Photo: Merav Berberg

We had snacks on a shake Wooden tray designed by Bow Studio Photo: Merav Berberg

decorative wooden tray

The Bow Bow Tray is exactly the one that will make any snack you serve it on full of style. It is suitable for the holiday table and also for more casual hospitality in the following days, or basically any other day of the year. Behind the studio is industrial designer Bar Gantz, who produces original hand carpentry details. The products are made with a natural and unique technique of steam bending wood, and they have a line that is as precise and streamlined as we like (“table” system).

how much does it cost: 200-400 shekels, depending on the size and type of wood
Where do I get: on the studio website

Light the kettle with a glass of wine to take a shower

Turn on the boiler bathroom wine glass

Wait for a glass of wine to take a shower

A simple, innovative and accessible device that makes a long stay in the bath more complete – pampering, relaxing and delicious. The stand sticks well and easily to the bathroom wall (without having to drill holes) and all you have to do is have it within reach, put a glass of wine in it, fill the bath with salts or essential oils and savor a glass of white wine and cool, of course. (Merav Srej, Editor-in-Chief).

how much does it cost: 29 – 69 shekels
Where do I get: over the network

Surprise Ceramic Egg Dish for Holiday Table |  Photo: Tal Sivan-Tziporen

surprise egg Ceramic egg tray for the festive table Photo: Tal Sivan-Tziporen

Egg dish

It is true that an egg has a definite place in the seder bowl, but what do you do with all the other egg halves that will be dipped in salt water on the eve of the holiday? Ceramic maker Honeysuckle Nir-Kahlon has created a successful custom ceramic plate with sockets that adapts to halves of hard-boiled eggs, with the entire plate also shaped like an egg. Find the dish in a special holiday package by Chef Shi Li Lipa, along with a reusable shopping bag, recipe book and more. (“table” system).

how much does it cost: 600 shekels per package

Where do I get: Through Shi-Li Lipa’s Instagram account

When it came to us, we sank an EMET collar bag Photo: Yuna Premanger

When nature comes to us EMET Necklace Bag | Photo: Yuna Premanger

cooler bag

Spring break is for me, among other things, the start of the picnic season, so EMET’s Annette Schlein white collar bag is a perfect gift. This is a stylish and convenient cooler bag, with sturdy straps to carry it as a backpack or handbag, which can hold up to three bottles of wine, cheese or other goodies that require cooling. Equally important – the bag is made in Israel under fair conditions and supports a local supply chain, is made from recycled polyester and has two layers of thermal insulated and comes in a variety of beautiful colors (Enav Richner, food designer).

how much does it cost: 430 shekels
Where do I get: On the brand’s website

Japan is here Shobu ceramic mug |  Photo: 18

Japan is here Shobu ceramic mug Photo: PR

a cup of coffee

Shofu is an amazing little shop, and if I could – I would take it home. Sells selected, high-quality, premium products from Japan: ceramics, textiles, art materials, posters, dolls, and more. Of course, I call especially kitchen utensils, and I was so happy to get a ceramic cup of coffee – partly because I’m broke, and there’s nothing I’d be happier to start the morning with a perfect cup like that. (Olga Tauscher, culinary editor).

how much does it cost: 79 shekels

Where do I get: On the store’s website

Two ice cubes and we've arranged a vermouth for Dalton Photo: Uri Garon

Two ice cubes, we’re all ready Dalton Vermouth Photo: Uri Garon

And what will we eat on vacation?

Recipes that will define your holiday

Sweets are the most equal for Easter

Fairmont Dalton

Out of his love for a good “Dirty Martini” at the end of the workday, the owner of Dalton Winery, Alex Haroni, gave a free hand to assistant winemaker Itay Bay, who with the winemakers searched for the Galilee’s most exclusive wild herbs, and made them vermouth-style ermitt. Pink coriander, juniper, wormwood bushes, citrus peels and more were steeped in Simeon grape wine. The result: a vermouth with complex flavors of citrus, Mediterranean spice, hyssop and ash. In the mouth sweet citrus and slight bitterness. Great with ice cubes on your next summer evening. Kosher and cooked (Mira Eitan, wine reporter.)

how much does it cost: 125 shekels
Where do I get: At the winery visitor center

Even if you don't have a cat, Happy Kitchen Fur Doll is simple

Even if you don’t have a cat Simple Happy Kitchen Fur Doll

Fur dolls from plants

“Simple Happy Kitchen” is a project of Mickey Motts – painter, entrepreneur and vegan. The venture was launched a few years ago to promote vegetarianism, and since then has managed to publish a book, open a deli in central Tel Aviv, as well as produce a series of charming illustrated merchandise from plant-based protein, calcium, and iron sources. We especially loved the furry dolls (which are also very comfy pillows) for characters like okra, black beans, tofu, and chickpeas. (“table” system).

how much does it cost: 49 shekels per doll
Where do I get: In store or on site

The Hagar Hirsch ceramic vase is also useful in the summer. Photo: Hager Hirsch

Comes well in summer too Hager Hirsch ceramic bowl Photo: Hager Hirsch

ceramic summer bowl

Pots can be considered winter, but the fact is that they can be used in quick and light dishes, which combine cereals, legumes and vegetables. Roots after winter are simply stunning and can fully enter the pot, which will bring out their best. A ceramic bowl can host desserts from summer fruits, which will be here a little later. But even more holiday fun is to put beans, artichokes, green garlic, and all the abundance of spring – and serve them festively on the holiday table. (Michel Habibian, farmer and mechanic).

how much does it cost: 350-620 shekels
Where to get it: on Facebook or WhatsApp 053-5235377

Chef's knife cutter Yochai Norell Photo: Yochai Norell

handsome cutter Chef’s Knife – Yochai Noreal Photo: Yochai Nouriel

chef knife

As someone who lives with a chef at home, I know exactly what gift any culinary enthusiast would be delighted with – be it a home cook or a professional chef. A craft knife is a useful gift with lots of thought and passion. Yochai Noriel, a chef himself, makes special forged knives that combine different types of wood and personalization (Shani Brill, photographer).

how much does it cost: 300 – 1700 shekels depending on the size and type of steel
Where do I get: 054-9747266

Not to be confused we both drank 4 glasses of a glass of wine.  Image source: Doron Gimmicks

Not to be confused, we still drink 4 cups Stamps for a glass of wine. Image source: Doron Gimmicks

Do you want to drink good wine on vacation?

25 recommended wines for Easter 2022

wine glasses stamps

You sit around the holiday table – weeping, full of pleasure and a little drunkenness, before the fourth and final cup of the mitzvah and after the fine seder meal. When the hosts are ready to pour the fourth cup, you awkwardly say you don’t remember where you put your cup and ask them to fumble with a new glass (still, Corona days). In order for this scenario not to happen, they made a box of six silicone cup markers – colored, bright, and sealed with wax. Each stamp comes in a different color and with a personal happy greeting: ‘Love’, ‘Happiness’, ‘Health’, ‘Success’, ‘Abundance’ and ‘Joy’. Included with the case is a cork designed for wine bottles, to re-seal tightly, preserving the quality and freshness of the wine. An original, useful, eco and festive gift on a budget (Daphne Robinson, language editor).

how much does it cost: up to 30 shekels

Where do I get: over the network

Illustrated Recipe Box

Dania Weiner is a food photographer, recipe maker, and owner of the blog Recipes. During the Corona period, I also started illustrating and photographing the recipes I wrote. Instead of linking them to a regular cookbook, she decided to create a box of recipes, both from her personal and creative point of view. The box contains 20 recipes – the best and most favorite from the blog, with each illustration done differently using watercolors. You can find recipes for spreads such as pesto and beetroot soup. Dishes like curries, harem, bolognese and desserts like lemon pie, chocolate chip cookies and more.

Inside the box you’ll also find a small wooden stand to put the picture postcard on while you’re cooking, or just to make it pretty in the kitchen.

how much does it cost: 175 shekels

Recipe is a work of art, a recipe box from Dania Weiner.  Photo: Dania Weiner

Recipe is a work of art Recipe box from Dania Weiner. Photo: Dania Weiner

Tools designed by Chef Yotam Otolangi

Otolangi is possibly the most successful Israeli chef in the world (London’s restaurant empire, cooking show, writes for The Guardian, New York Times and more). These days the Beatat brand releases a particularly beautiful range of cutlery and serving utensils under the name “FEAST”. The collection, he says, was created (with Italian artist Ivo Bisignano) with the most joyful gatherings in mind for a festive meal, meeting friends and family, and sharing food, recipes and stories. Above the plates are abstract images of vegetables, a staple in his kitchen, and a recurring graphic image of an “O” brushstroke representing a face, a circle, a point, and of course the O of Ottolenghi. (“table” system).

how much does it cost: Dishes 85 – 125 shekels, serving utensils 270 – 310 shekels.

Where do I get: In the Beatat . chain of stores

It will make us happy at the holiday table Yotam Otolangi Toolkit to look at. Photo: Sarcstudio

Also: Four recommended Eid cookbooks

“Eat Better” by Zohar Lustiger Baschan
Zohar Lustiger-Bashan’s new book contains a wealth of colorful, happy, tempting, and delicious dishes that will make you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle – and plenty of knowledge, tips, and explanations to help you do just that.

“Bakery 365 and Friends” by Dror Cohen
Baker and blogger Dror Cohen has enlisted 14 members – including the best confectioners, bakers, and chocolatiers in Israel – and together they create an amazing book filled with creative baking recipes for all levels of difficulty.

“Good Days” by Natalie Levine
In her new book, “Sweet Days,” celebrity baking blogger Natalie Levine (“Cookie.net”) answers a frequently asked question among her followers and home bakers: How does a recipe turn a frothy—or how dairy—free dessert without compromising on taste and appearance? – It provides a successful response to a growing audience.

Their Own Kitchen – 50 Leading Women in Food in Israel Cooking a Better Future
The most influential and interesting women in the food industry in Israel open their recipe books and present their master recipes – those that have accompanied them in their careers or the personal recipes they cook for friends and family. Behind each dish is a personal story, history, and plenty of emotion, and among the recipes are interlocking stories from some of the participants’ lives about how food and occupation shaped their lives. All proceeds from the book will be donated entirely to the Association of Assistance Centers for Victims of Sexual Abuse.

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