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Easter is already upon us and few people are worried. What are they afraid of? From the culinary side of Easter or, in simpler words: How can they prepare kosher food for Easter and at the same time delicious. Many are standing in the kitchen before the holiday and working hard on different recipes, but still do not feel that they have managed to produce the most delicious meal of the holiday. It is very important to know that Easter should not make you give up the joy of cooking or eating.

Today you can find a variety of Easter recipes Based on kosher raw materials for Passover. There is no need to compromise on the taste or quality of holiday food, and it is simply advisable to prepare in advance by choosing good recipes and buying all relevant raw materials.

Easter recipes worth knowing

Here are some recipes that will allow you to give all your guests and of course your family an amazing culinary experience on Easter:

So the first recipe is the pastry recipe. A wonderful tripoliti dish that few people like to eat during the year and can definitely be made at Easter too. This dish is also suitable for legume eaters, as it is based on potatoes and high-quality ground beef. Open each potato in the middle, prepare in advance a mixture of high-quality meat and season with whatever you like. We fill the potatoes with meat, bring an egg dish and a dish with matsa flour. Heat a frying pan with oil, dip each potato in the egg and flour flour and fry. After the frying process is finished, chop the tomatoes, herbs in the saucepan and a small can of tomato paste and olive oil. Cook over low heat and when the mixture boils add the fried potatoes to it. Cook until foamy. Undoubtedly, this is a craving for the palate.

The second recipe worth knowing is the recipe for stewed beef with mushrooms. Buy in advance a steak of beef you like, when it is desirable that the steak is soft and fresh. Peel the onions and chop, also chop the special mushrooms and put in the piece of meat. Fry a little with mushrooms, then add water and spices to the mixture. As soon as the meat is slightly cooked, cut it into slices and continue to cook for another hour. It is important to check the condition of the meat after an hour and make sure it is tender and well made.

A third recipe that is definitely suitable for Easter as well and especially for a stuffed holiday table. This is one of the most favorite dishes of the Israelis, the level of preparation is not too difficult or complicated and the taste is nothing less than perfect. So what are we doing? Make a mixture of high-quality ground beef, rice, a little purée, herbs and all the spices you like, then fill the mixture with any vegetables you like: zucchini, onions, peppers and more. All the filling is cooked in a saucepan with tomato paste, grated tomatoes, herbs of your choice and any spices you like until cooked.

Easter sweets

Also in the sector Easter sweets You can now find amazing recipes based on potato flour or related anniversary potato flour for people who are allergic to gluten. From all this flour you can make very rich and tasty cakes. Beyond that, you can give up flour or cakes and make rich and delicious dessert cups based on cheese, milk, sweet cream, vegetable whipped cream and chocolates of all kinds. You can also use milk jam for desserts and more. Today you can find a variety of Easter kosher products that can be used to make the most pampering desserts, so if you think that Easter will prevent you from spoiling your guests and family at the end of the meal with equal and even spoiled dessert you just have to buy all the relevant ingredients in advance, and for desserts The one that suits you perfectly and you will experience its preparation.

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