For the glory of the State of Israel: 7 things to taste this week

1. Code the chef restaurant between the mountain and the sea

This time we start in the north, in the artist village of Ein Hod, where Pygam – the new restaurant of chef Dan Zoarz (former Dalida) was opened. It is located among the picturesque alleys of the settlement, near the stone amphitheater, surrounded by landscapes and nature. The restaurant is named after Pygmy, the grass that grows in the area, and of course its schedule is based on regional crops and influenced by the unique history and culture of the place.

Besides cooked dishes like Paul for five days and Manial Tahina; Small bloodstained zucchini with tomato butter and lemon, flakes of wild sage and dried yogurt or giant octopus on an iron skillet, there is also an extensive list of aniseed drinks, an open terrace, air between the mountain and the sea, the perfect season to indulge.

when: Wednesday Saturday

where: St

Dine and enjoy the scenery Dwarf in the eye of the basin. Photo: Noam Friesman

2. Feel like you are on the beach in Thailand

After several temporary cooking episodes, Power-Couple, Nadav & Daniel (MKR) opens a new permanent venue. Coco Thai is a restaurant located on Frishman Beach in Tel Aviv, and as its name suggests – a Thai restaurant that focuses on seafood and Isani cuisine in northern Thailand.

Thai character is noted from the restaurant’s design to the menu, based on fish and seafood, huge bowls with Thai vegetables and cuts of meat – all traditionally treated with curry blends, spices, nuts and more. Among the dishes you can find jang rum kwan pellet – cubes of sea fish with black cardamom, turmeric root, shallots and crispy noodles. Masman Pela Mock – Charcoal grilled calamari with south indian curry and vegetables along with savory bread and more.

when: Sunday – Friday

where: Coco Tai

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On the beach in Copenhagen (almost) Coco Thai.  Photo: Afic Gabay

On the beach in Copenhagen (approx) Coco Tai. Photo: Afic Gabay

3. Sip cocktails like in Japan

We stay in Asia, with Shibuya – a new Japanese cocktail bar (or Izakia, if you will) opening on Fourth Street. It’s a large place with various seating options – around the bar, in a typical Japanese kneeling position, or at “regular” tables. The menu was composed by Chef Roy Sauvier, and the dishes on it consisted of accompaniments to alcohol, which as we mentioned is the main star of the story. You can find things like sushi dates – sushi rice balls in a raw fish shell or shiitake, karaja – chicken pieces in a sake marinade with togurashi aioli or shrimp tempura and vegetables.

when: Monday Saturday

where: Shibuya

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What do the Japanese drink at night?  Shibuya.  Photo: Anatoly Michaelo

What do the Japanese drink at night? Shibuya. Photo: Anatoly Michaelo

4. Check what happens when you connect Paris and Tokyo

We haven’t finished our Japan tour yet, but this time we’re sweet: The Pastry Box is a new and unusual dessert that recently opened at Yad Harutzim in Tel Aviv. Behind her is pastry chef Nourit Chitiat, who was born and raised in Japan and today combines French classics with the flavors and aesthetics of Japan. The result is an assortment of pies, pastries, pralines, bread, biscuits and more – based on classic desserts with Japanese textures and flavours.

For example, you can find mottled chestnut bread with cocoa, Japanese watermelon rolls, rhinoceros (Japanese milk rolls) filled with chocolate and mista, pancakes with chestnuts, berries, black sesame and more, pralines, sandwiches, and even Japanese raw-based drinks. Materials. All of the above can also be purchased in packages with a little bit of everything and can also be ordered online.

when: Sunday – Friday

where: pastry box

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How beautiful and delicious the pastry box.  Photo: Daniel Laila

How beautiful and delicious pastry box. Photo: Daniel Laila

5. Indulge in breakfast in the most valuable park in the city

Chef Ole – Oren Asido’s restaurant in the Selena Boutique Hotel overlooking Tel Aviv’s Railway Park joins the many goodies and launches a new breakfast, which will – cheerfully – also be served in the middle of the week. The breakfast menu created by Asido includes salads such as dandelion salad with apples, candied almonds, roquefort and balsamic; mezza like a plate of camembert cheese, honey and figs; Fresh pastries eggs, dips, sandwiches and everything it takes to start the day better (a little bit).

when: Daily, 8:00-12:00

where: first

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Morning in the garden Breakfast in AlUla.  Photo: Etel Zion

morning in the garden Breakfast at Ola. Photo: Etel Zion

6. Taste a little bit of everything at the new food court

Tel Aviv’s hottest “food court,” DNA, is the chef podcast complex at the city’s Azrieli Mall. In each of the four tracks, a different chef works on a different culinary concept, with Chef Yossi Sheetrit creating the entire culinary blend with entrepreneur Ran Dor Chai.

There you’ll find “JAI,” Chef Thomas Zohar’s Thai podcast; Mexican “Chicano” by Chef Gabriel Israel; “MEZZO Fantastico” by Chef Jonathan Charvet and “La Foux Foux” by Chef Zari Ajami are entirely dedicated to sweet and savory dishes served in a croissant. In the future, they promise, there will be more cooking popups, many chefs will be hosted, and he will be greatly pleased.

when: Sunday – Thursday, 12:00-00:00

where: DNA Complex, Azrieli Mall, Tel Aviv

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Italians, Mexicans and Thais meet in Chef Yonatan Sharvit's Azrieli dishes at the DNA Complex.  Photo: David Moyal

Italians, Mexicans and Thais meet in Azrieli Chef Yonatan Charvet dishes in the DNA complex. Photo: David Moyal

7. Celebrate 74 years of good food

This week’s celebration of independence, remember that? And if that’s not cause for celebration, we don’t know what is. Assaf & Yotam Doctor’s Brothers restaurant is recreating the tradition of its early years of operation and will throw an invested independence party in its new and cozy location in the American Zionist House, with a pita menu, salad stand, new specials of “new” redipin meat and of course – plenty of alcohol. There will be plenty of alcohol. Also DJs and live shows and a secret guest is also guaranteed.

At Kandinoff House in Hippo, people are also happy to focus on skewers of various kinds – because if not now, then when. And if you’re thinking about chicken on skewers – forget about it. For your next celebration, choose between sliced ​​seafood skewers, purple calamari or giant almonds, or vegetarian skewers of buckwheat and forest mushrooms. There will also be salads, see you, music and whatever makes me happy.

when: Brothers: Thursday from 12 noon. Kandinov House: Wednesday from 7:30 pm and Thursday from 12:00 noon

where: the brothers; Kandinov’s house

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You said they're having an Independence Day party here at Candeneuve House.  Photo: Afic Gabay

I said they’re having a party here Independence Day at the Kandinov House. Photo: Afic Gabbay

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