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A plate with a kadif base next to it is baklava and talc with kertoche. We went to check out the Napa dishes found in Beersheba and were surprised by the creativity.

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Konafa “Sultan”. special recipe

(Herzl Joseph)

“Sultan” on Masada Skanabis Street serves konafa according to a recipe received by the owners of the place, Yoni Bezrov and Ben Gavrilov, from an elderly woman they met in the alleys of Istanbul.

Yoni Bezrov (32 years old) and Ben Gavrilov (33 years old), owner of “Sultan”, a bar and kunafa on Deresh Masada Street, have a lot of experience in the bars and restaurants business. “As entrepreneurs in the bar and restaurant space, last year we identified the bag as the next hot trend in Beersheba and decided to take on the challenge,” Bezrov says.

Why did you choose to open up in this field?

“We chose the route from Masada due to the highly student-oriented location that unites young students from all over the country, allowing us to give a special stage and highlight a trend that has been gaining momentum in the central region for several years.

“We will only note that for us the site represents a huge potential for a uniquely authentic scene, as we strive to turn the business into a place of pilgrimage and sit right across the street with a glass of wine or a beer from the boutique and a backpack with so much fidelity to a delicious, long-standing tradition.”

Where does the recipe on the back come from? What distinguishes it from others?

“Like anything good in life, we discovered the recipe by chance in an alley on the streets of Istanbul during a trip we took. There we came across a woman in her seventies who was at least sitting in a chair with a bag on her back with a small fuse.

“We were intrigued by the admiration that her hands made, and so we got from her the story of a recipe passed down from generation to generation, from grandmother to mother and from mother to daughter over generations. What distinguishes the recipe is the use of the best products and the highest quality, without compromising and absolute loyalty to the source and long traditions. The term to which we are committed.

“These are exactly the reasons why they come to dine with us. Of course, always kind and prompt service with a wide smile will close the circle for one precise and perfect experience.”

Do you serve other dishes besides the backpack?

“We are currently in the midst of compiling a diverse and unique backpacking menu that, among other things, caters to the vegans among us, with high quality, delicious vegan bags and authentic stone pita bread. All we can add so as not to spoil the surprises along the way is a set Variety of dishes.

One of the places that tries to get out of the box and bring something new to the city’s dining area while staying in the Kudif area is Khashash on Yitzhak Avenue.

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“It is important that they feel at home.” afraid

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Oren Idri (44) opened the stop less than a month ago, serving dishes like crepes, pizza, toast, kunafa, yoghurt, ice cream and the place’s main course – apprehension.

Al Takhweeb platter is made from the bottom of the kefir hair and topped with ice cream, sauces and toppings as per the customer’s choice.

“I decided to open the place here precisely because it is a very student area,” Edri explains. “The name of our main course comes from the sound made at the moment of eating, i.e. from the crunch that occurs while eating. There are actually two options or a classic apprehension which is basically a kefir layer, which is a layer of ice cream and sauce or a two-layer apprehension and an unlimited toppings.”

Eddie’s friend invented apprehension. “I have a friend from the Arab center that Halawani created, and I took it and upgraded it and added toppings and sauces,” he says.

Kanaba Al Safi, located at 19 Sanhedrin Street, serves a variety of Arabic cuisine. In addition to konafa, you’ll also find ice cream, malabi, calvados by weight, Belgian waffles, and hot drinks, including a one-of-a-kind tea brewed on site from 18 plants.

The place opened about three years ago, and owner Eliran Altori, 32, tells what makes pure Kanapa so special. “We’ll start with the fact that we make the caduceus ourselves, and use brandy and not butter like a lot of places do. Our cheese is a specialty cheese meant for pouches, and we don’t use different substitutes or mixes like mozzarella or ricotta,” he explains.

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“Use a special cheese made for backpacks.” pure knappa

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Kanaba Al Safi was opened by Altori in District D. He says, “I decided to open in District D because I love this area, I come from here and I think it is important to develop it,” adding, “This is our second branch, we have another branch located in Rahat on Over the course of about six years, it took a lot of trial and error. We came up with this recipe.”

“Bignafa” cafe, on the purity of ice cream and kunafa, located at 63 Eliyahu Nawi Street in the “Big” complex, opened about four months ago.

On the menu you’ll find konafa, baklava, ice cream, kurtosh and a variety of drinks, from chilled drinks to alcohol. Dishes are served in a wooden tray next to a small iron jug containing sugar water, for those who want to increase the sweetness.

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Investing in raw materials. Bigchenaba

(Herzl Joseph)

The owner of the place, Yasim al-Ghabban, 20, from Kafr Arara, says that he saw demand for his goods in Beersheba. “I learned the recipe for our backpack from someone from Nablus for five months,” he says. “This is a unique recipe. I felt like there was a need for a backpack in town and decided to open Big because it didn’t exist before me. I want those who come out of me to be satisfied and happy. We are very invested in raw materials.”

On its way to Liberators 9, the “Istanbul Knape” offers a variety of pouches, from the classic pouch to the pampered pouch with Magnum ice cream or Kinder chocolate, with Nutella and salted caramel, and of course with Turkish ice cream.

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Most of them are student audience.  Kanapa IstanbulMost of them are student audience.  Kanapa Istanbul

Most of them are student audience. Kanapa Istanbul

(Herzl Joseph)

Knappa Istanbul also offers specialty pastries such as Nutella baklava, Bedouin pita, Turkish borax and hearty Malbi. The place also serves hot and cold drinks and even beer and liquor.

The place’s owner, Avi Cohen, 38, tells what makes his backpack so unique in the local landscape. “First of all, it was done with a lot of love,” he asserts. “The raw materials we use are very expensive, these are three types of cheese, and everything is handcrafted.

“Everything is done on a daily basis and fresh, everything is done here, we transfer the cheese in a drying process like the previous one so that everything is done according to the book,” he says.

If you are looking for a late-night snack, Knapa Istanbul is just the right place. “Our minimum is until 01:00 p.m. There are also days when I close at 03:00,” Cohen says.

Cohen’s target audience is many students who live in the area, and according to him, they chose the site a lot because of them. “I’m dying for the area and the environment, so many students,” he notes. “Most of our work is in the evening.”

Munch presents Itai and Tali Hayun with a menu of special flavors and combinations with chocolate and cream

Itai, 38, and Tali, 35, opened Hayun’s Mantz Backpack nearly two years ago. This is a work from home business that operates in the form of delivery and self-collection operations. In addition to konafa they also serve a variety of desserts such as creme brulee and malabi.

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“Everything is home made.” Itai Hayun from Kanafa Mantz


The couple opened the “Munch” konafa due to the Corona crisis. “I was a chef in restaurants in Eilat and was in the field for 15 years, and when we got to Beersheba, the corona was just beginning,” Hayon says. I had to sign a contract at some restaurant in the city and Corona started and there was no place to work and where to make a living.

“After a few months we decided to do it from home because my wife really likes the backpack and decided to take the bag in other directions. I had to reinvent myself. I knew there was a backpack, but I said I make it different and quality and with things that haven’t come out yet. in Beersheba.

What’s so special about your bag?

“It’s different for everyone. We use three types of cheese, everything is home made. We have a big menu with baggies of flavor, mixed with chocolate, all kinds of variations, everything I make at home, all creams. The ice cream is also home made, and all The ingredients are natural, high quality and inexpensive.”

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