Happy Purim: 3 cocktail recipes in the spirit of Eid

Every year we wrestle with which Purim party we go to, and every year we rock out again. This year we decided to party at home with men, rotten ears of manna, silly costumes, and of course happy drinks with a Purim twist. For this task, we have hired the happiest and greatest color mixing scientist, More Coral, who made us three Purim-themed cocktails that are easy to make at home. Happy Eid!

Negroni Pina Colada | When the serious Negroni disguises himself as a naughty Kolda corner

Since it was first synthesized in Florence over 100 years ago, the Negroni has become one of the world’s most popular cocktails, earning its place of honor as a sophisticated and serious cocktail for “those who are interested.” In honor of the holiday, our Negroni dressed up as a slightly more relaxed tropical version.

Pour into a glass with ice or directly into a low glass:

  • 30 ml gin
  • 30 ml red vermouth
  • 30 ml camphor
  • 10 ml coconut liqueur
  • 20 ml pineapple juice
  • Mix gently, and pour into a ring with fresh ice
  • Garnish with dried pineapple, coconut flakes, cinnamon stick and orange peel
Negroni wears clothes. More Coral (Photo: More Coral)
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Sedikar Butter and Poppy Invest in an elegant and sophisticated cocktail

If you haven’t officially recognized the sidecar yet, there is a situation that it will be your new favorite. Pubs in Paris and London are fighting to this day for credit for its invention, and can’t really agree on who introduced the sidecar for the first time. The classic sidecart consists of 4 ingredients – cognac, lemon juice, orange liqueur and sugar crown. It’s actually a margarita, in which tequila is replaced by cognac and a crown of salt, sugar.

In a festive and a little extravagant recipe in honor of Purim, Moore created a version in which the cognac is “washed” with brown butter (you can also use regular cognac) and the decoration around the glass is made of poppies.

Before pouring the ingredients, we prepare the glass. We will use a martini or a mug, preferably after placing it in the freezer or refrigerator. Moisten the edge of the glass slightly with a slice of lemon, and gently dip in a mixture of sugar and ground poppy seeds, forming a crown.

Pour into shaker:

  • 50 ml cognac soaked in brown butter (recipe below)
  • 30 ml fresh lemon juice
  • 25ml high quality orange liquor
  • 5 ml vanilla syrup (recipe below)
  • a lot of ice

Shake well, and strain through a fine sieve into a glass garnished with poppy seeds and sugar. Garnished with orange peel.

Just a little orange and we're done.  Sidecar Poppy and Butter (Photo: More Coral)Just a little orange and we’re done. Sidecar Poppy and Butter (Photo: More Coral)

Cognac soaked in brown butter

A fat rinse is the soaking of alcohol in a fatty ingredient rich in flavor (for example – brown butter). This technology is based on a simple mechanism to separate fats from alcohol by cooling or freezing. In our recipe, the woody and spicy flavors of cognac are complemented by the toasted flavors of browned butter.

How to make? Melt until light brown 50 grams of butter (be careful, do not burn), transfer to a jar with 300 ml of cognac, seal well and shake gently. Put it in the freezer. After 2 hours (or less) the butter has completely frozen you can separate it from the rest of the liquid and here you have the cognac in the butter.

To make vanilla syrup

  • 100 gm white sugar
  • 100 ml boiled water
  • 1 tsp quality vanilla extract
  • Stir together until the sugar dissolves, and store in the refrigerator
Don't forget the poppies!  It's still Purim (Photo: Moore Coral)Don’t forget the poppies! It’s still Purim (Photo: Moore Coral)

mule procession | An effortless elegant cocktail

A fruity and festive outfit for a beloved New York classic – the Moscow Mule (vodka, lime and ginger). In our recipe, we will replace vodka with gin, for a more complex and spicy flavor base, and we will add high-quality fruit and herbal jams for some joy and delight.

Pour into a cup:

  • 50 ml gin
  • 2 teaspoons raspberry jam
  • Melt the jam in the gin
  • Add 100 ml of ginger beer
  • Squeeze a slice of lemon
  • add ice

Flip and garnish with a slice of lemon or a fresh herb such as rosemary, hyssop, or mint.

Mule Parade of the More Coral (Photo: More Coral)Mule Parade of the More Coral (Photo: More Coral)

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