High-tech kid: meet the special candy blogger

In an era when nearly every joke about “Hitex” ends with a single imitation of “Great Country” or a complaint that “there’s no ramen on the menu today”, other types of hikers also appear, people with an artistic mind who understand the source of the jokes but prove that everyone doesn’t. He complains about the many types of bread in the kitchen.

Dror Cohen is one of them. His career from service in the Soviet Union and the Secret Service led him straight into the arms of Microsoft, immediately after his discharge from the military and over the next fifteen years. After a hard day’s work, he invented a new bread recipe.

“That means the name, and also a shot of the Microsoft product line that came out at the time with the 365 logo. It felt almost like another product for the company,” he says.

Today he releases a new book, “Bakery 365 and Friends”, which is not only a classic of baking, but collects not only baking recipes of different degrees, but also the appearance of the best chefs and confectioners who have agreed to participate as a guest. On the almost impossible-to-make project: Israel Aharoni, Mickey his name, chocolatier Eka Cohen and baking expert Estella are just some of the names familiar to those the book hosts.

Dror Cohen’s Book (Photo: Yachting)

How about a senior at Microsoft and such a preoccupation obsessed with baking?
“When I started the blog, I wasn’t quite that big yet, but from a very young age I had an attraction in the field of cooking and baking. At some point in life, I decided to start majoring in it, and signed up for Estella Pastry Workshop.” Kind of a tearful story. So after work I found myself sitting down sharing my experience at Estella’s workshop, producing every evening after the kids went to bed a new recipe, a recipe for every day.”

bread and distance

The blog started gaining momentum and completely surprised Cohen. Until then, he kept his anonymity relatively anonymous and didn’t associate “high-tech Dror Cohen” with the baker who runs Bakery 365. Aside from close friends and family, colleagues at Microsoft also didn’t think that one of the most popular people on the network was a senior development team manager at The company’s Internet department.

“For the past three or four years, I’ve already decided it was time to get out of the closet on the topic of the blog,” he says. “And people cheer. My colleagues know I deal with it, and not only accept it, but also answer the things I bring up.”

Cake from Bakery 365 (Photo: Ronin Mangan)Cake from Bakery 365 (Photo: Ronin Mangan)

Do not destroy the distance?
“I’ve never had a distance, I’m not that kind. I’m very transparent with my people. It took me a while to get to grips with this show, and I’m fine with that.”

The show culminated when Cohen, after pleas from the district, decided to participate in “Perfect Dessert” at Keshet 12, and even got a phone call from his high school teacher who he saw on TV and was filled with pride. “There I realized it was, I really came out. People also know me on the street sometimes from the blog and the show, and that’s it, it’s a new reality.”

At this point people leave the job and start a new career. Where did I catch you?
“It’s the number one question everyone always asks me, when do you leave Microsoft and open a bakery or something. So it’s not going to happen. Look, it hasn’t happened yet, I love my job and I’m in a profession where most people are three years old and move on. Immediately for the next job or company, and I’m already finishing my fifteenth year in the company.

“My first job after the army was high tech…but the subject of baking and sweets also comes to me mainly from an art space. Just as a painter feels the need to paint, I feel the need to finish the day working in the kitchen and create new recipes. Including the book, It’s an extra thing for me at the moment.”

In the end, the vent to every recipe maker including chefs and confectioners is taste and pleasure for customers who come again and again. Doesn’t it tickle you to have someone taste everything you make?
“I don’t have such a hidden dream. Firstly, it is very hard physical labor, and secondly, because I see in this work of art, I can’t always create the same. I have to challenge myself with something new for it to work, and once I actually succeed” I am no longer interested in making it anymore. Sweets that sell should produce the same cakes of the same standard, and that’s not me. Perhaps in retirement I will open something that I do not care about profits, and then I will bake a different cake according to the mood every day. ”

Cake from Bakery 365 (Photo: Ronin Mangan)Cake from Bakery 365 (Photo: Ronin Mangan)

cook for himself

Cohen, the youngest son of Moroccan parents, was raised in Dimona until the age of 18, and when he joined the Modi’in service, he moved to live alone in the center. “First of all, Dimona is a wonderful community city and I had a wonderful childhood,” he says. “As a teenager I was a social activist, on the municipal youth council, in a local newspaper and on the radio. But the military service made me independent very quickly. I had my own apartment already at the age of nineteen, and I think it was another reason to start cooking and taking care of myself, when I am A soldier away from my parents.”

Working in high-tech was a dream come true immediately after he graduated, and his parents still feared that he would leave the permanent and respectable job. “When I published the book, my mother said to me, ‘Go away, why do you need that?’ You have a tidy job and a good living. “

He is currently married and a father of four and lives with his family in Ra’anana. The new book is dedicated to his beloved nephew who passed away about three years ago from a rapid and violent cancer. “I am the youngest son in the house, my brothers are old due to a gap, my nephew was like my little brother. He always saw me as a model. We were very close and he studied computer after me, he went to enlist in intelligence and was also a foodie like me. Fast and deadly.”
Shortly before the book was published, Cohen began incorporating Project 365 and Friends as a kind of digital brochure published on the site.

“My nephew died shortly before the first issue was uploaded, and Cohen assured himself that from now on the entire project would be dedicated to him. During the mourning period, Cohen’s close friends and colleagues approached to collaborate almost without hesitation.” It was so exciting to recruit everyone, it’s not so obvious with people of this size with an almost impossible timeline.

The 14-chapter book begins with a short story about Cohen’s knowledge of each guest and the impact on his career as dessert, a guest’s recipe and tips, and four recipes from Cohen’s frantic mind, standing in the kitchen by day. From work and after the kids go to bed.. in the kitchen of the house it’s almost midnight.

“The book is accompanied by illustrations by Ella Cohen, an Israeli illustrator living in Berlin, with a very Instagram concept. No books have been published today, but I really wanted to do it for me, for prestige—”here I published a book” people, and we’ve only done the same at Publications “.

What do you think of the high-tech jokes lately? Insist on proving that it is not?
“Look, I can’t say it’s not. You see it from the outside, but in our world a lot you see it from the inside. Unfortunately the Rabbi has people who complain about not having enough kinds of bread in the kitchen or those who will always find what’s wrong. But I think It’s mostly a personal matter, and I really appreciate what’s out there and am not complaining. It’s a matter of worldview, but I think there are many like me. There is a mixture of people in this world and I am not at all unusual.”

By the way, Microsoft chef Chaim Cohen, who is responsible for the company’s catering, suggested that the confectioner Cohen prepare the dessert that brought him to the finals of “The Perfect Dessert”. “It was the first time I made such a quantity of candy. I made 1,000 candy corn and it was crazy. Microsoft even bought a gigantic blender that wasn’t in Haim Cohen’s kitchen, just so we could put it into practice.”

Cake from Bakery 365 (Photo: Ronin Mangan)Cake from Bakery 365 (Photo: Ronin Mangan)

So if they now offered you such a role in the company, would you refuse?
“Obviously. I have no problem teaching people how to make recipes but I don’t really stand in the kitchen.”

What is most important to you?
קודם כל פתחתי את הבלוג הזה ליצור משהו שונה בנוף הבלוגים הישראלי. candies.

“I admit that I am very excited that people are taking on the challenge of making something they never dreamed of, like a tiered cake that requires two days of preparation, professional stuff that ends up with the right accessibility and patience for whoever wants to do that is definitely capable. It’s great for me to know that someone He never did something professional without any training and it was successful.”

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