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Independence Day is approaching. Although the tradition of fireworks is almost gone from the world, there are traditions that are not fleeting, and we are of course talking about the barbecue which is an integral part of the independence celebrations.

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On the occasion of the barbecue feast, we spoke with Itamar Kifah and Roy Joshan, the owner of the butcher’s meat.pair of butchersIn Janie Takva. and Gasan, both IDF veterans, have struggled in the meat business for several years, and since no sages are like inexperienced, we asked them for some tips that make barbecue an unforgettable experience. appetite!

Well friends, my barbecue is ready to go, what shall we throw first?

“You have to put a little bit of everything that way throughout the evening,” says Goshen. “There is a myth that you have to put the sausages first and from there go on. I say you have to put everything from the beginning from the beginning. A lot of people put the steaks at the end but what happens is everyone fills it with sausages and kebabs.

Give us a tip on the perfect burger

“First in terms of seasoning only salt and pepper. Whoever wants to invest can fry onions and add them to the mash. Unlike kebabs, you do not need to mix the burger for long, it should be coarse. In terms of meat type it is recommended to use fatty cuts such as neck, ribs or Asado. It also adds a bit of stale meat, as in our burger.”

What if you’re lower in the fatty meat department? Is there an alternative?

“Yes, you can use a fillet called goose, which is a lean meat. Mix it up with 30% asado, add salt and pepper and you can come up with a great burger.”

The Israelis really love the wings. Do you have a winning recipe?

“Recipe for a bouquet of wings. Half a cup of olive oil, juice of a whole lemon, salt and pepper. Add a few hairs of saffron to the mixture and let the mixture rest for a few minutes until the saffron releases the flavors. Then pour everything over the wings for grilling.”

How about a steak? How do you keep it fresh and fresh?

“First of all you have to take care of the right thickness. Each piece should be about a finger and a half thick, which should be a bit thick. The amount of workmanship recommended in my opinion is average.”

INDEPENDENCE DAY SPECIAL: This is how you'll make the perfect barbecue party.  Image illustration: canva
INDEPENDENCE DAY SPECIAL: This is how you’ll make the perfect barbecue party. Image illustration: canva

How do I know how much is being done in real time?

“Generally, put the steak on the grill and wait for it to emit liquids on the coals. Once we see the liquids come out, we’ll flip it over and wait for the liquids to migrate from the other side as well. It’s an average case.”

In the spirit of the times, how do we guard salmonella infected meat?

“The most important of course is to keep the meat refrigerated, especially for those who go out to nature parks and forests. You must make sure that the meat is always in the fridge in the fridge, with an emphasis on chicken which is the main source of salmon” medium rare. Make sure the chicken is well cooked but don’t burn it.”

From your experience, what is the favorite meat of the Israelis?

“The cuts that get stronger on Independence Day are appetizers, beef steaks and lamb chops. The most popular in the field of chicken are chicken, wings and hearts. As for frozen wings, Israelis love kebabs and sausages, which also get a place of honour.”

INDEPENDENCE DAY SPECIAL: This is how you'll make the perfect barbecue party.  Image illustration: canva
INDEPENDENCE DAY SPECIAL: This is how you’ll make the perfect barbecue party. Image illustration: canva

And the question of questions – how do we know to buy the right amount for us?

“This is something that requires planning. The most important thing is to go by weight and not skewer or kebabs per person. If we are a small group of up to 10 people it is better to go for variety and just make sure there is enough of everything.” Then the meat arrives at an incredible amount of meat. In a small batch, you should be content with 3-4 types of meat and not disperse further. And as the collection grows, it can be purchased in a variety of ways.”

Final question, what do you think of the Beyond Burger?

Butchers say, “It’s okay.” “At our butcher, you can also find a vegan and vegetarian section in the freezers, so a family with kids or vegan parents can enjoy the whole basket in one place.”

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