More people are choosing alternatives to meat

This week we celebrate the 74th Independence Day of the State of Israel, when tens of thousands of Israelis turned out to celebrate with barbecues and “on the fire” outdoors with family and friends. In recent years, awareness of animal suffering as well as the harms of lesbians in the meat industry has increased and with it the trend to reduce meat consumption and many are looking for attractive solutions for vegetarian and vegan barbecues.

A study by the Canter Company for Tevol showed that 60% Among the households in Israel that stay “on fire” on Independence Day and in which vegetarian or vegan guests participate, 96% of these hosts prepare special dishes for their vegetarian or vegan guests (only 4% say they don’t bring any vegetarian/vegan dish) ) When the dishes mimic the experience of “on fire” the meat is in dishes such as: skewers, burgers, sausages, kebabs from the plant.

According to the survey, the most popular plant-based meat alternatives to prepare over a fire on Independence Day are hamburgers and sausages from the plant, with 49% indicating that they make a burger from the plant and 32% indicating that they make the sausage out of the plant. factory.

Interest in meat alternatives stems from emotional and ethical considerations, health reasons, and environmental issues. With increasing scientific data on the negative impacts of the meat industry in general, and livestock in particular, on the planet and the environmental damage caused by this industry, there is a growing recognition of the urgent need for change in these processes.

In recent years, more and more substitutes have appeared on the shelves, as the aura has also accelerated the growth of the plant-based food category. The Corona period has sharpened the public’s sensitivity to the Earth’s sensitivity and heightened the importance of balancing humanity and the environment. During this period there was a significant increase in the consumption of plant foods. This trend applies to both vegetarians and vegans, and people who define themselves as meat-reducers. The data show the category is growing year by year.

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And the vegetarian food category ended in 2021 with 309 million shekels, a growth of 1.7%. This comes after the category has also grown by 18% in 2020. More and more players are entering this category, and despite the increased competition, Tevol leads the way in this category with a 57% market share.

Whether the choice of a vegetarian diet is due to its health benefits, ethical values ​​or environmental protection, there is now a wide range of delicious and nutritious solutions, based on vegetables and legumes, rich in protein and containing high-quality ingredients that are an alternative to meat and iron. For example, soy protein, a common ingredient in many meat alternatives, contains all nine essential amino acids, plus many alternatives are rich in vegetables and a source of dietary fiber.

“In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of people in Israel who define themselves as meat-reducers, vegetarians and vegans. This growth is due to emotional and ethical considerations, health reasons, and environmental issues. Independence Day, Barbecue Day, is a great opportunity for diversity, and to “expand the experience” on Fire “and hospitality with a variety of natural products that allow to experiment with meat without meat, which meet all important criteria: taste, quality of ingredients and nutritional values ​​- in comparison with meat and other products in this category. Vegetarians or vegans, but also among consumers who want to reduce their meat consumption – and thanks to its benefits, the consumer does not have to compromise anymore, when choosing to reduce animal meat, now you can enjoy a delicious and delicious meat experience, while reducing harm to the environment. And to bring diverse and attractive products to consumers, I wish everyone a Happy Independence Day.”

In light of the increased demand for vegan food products, Tevol launches a variety of vegan barbecue products on Independence Day, expands the Sensational series and launches exciting vegan sausages for the first time in Israel in order to strengthen the brand and continue to lead the category. Sausages are meaty and juicy, with aroma and taste that provide the ultimate meatless experience, without meat.

Also, especially on Independence Day, Tevol is releasing three products in the meat-like category: vegan sausages with a new and improved recipe and about 9g of protein per serving (content: 490g), a regular halafino burger with a unique and spicy taste and about 12g of protein per serving. (Content: 420g) A high-quality, restaurant-style mushroom burger with 4g of protein per serving (Capacity: 480g).

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