Onions First, Mushrooms in Bulk: 9 Rules for the Perfect Vegetarian BBQ

1. Menu and preparations

Prepare a menu for the event: snacks, salads, vegetables, bread, pancakes, fruits and, of course, drinks. Plan ahead what you are preparing, in what order and what tools you need for everything.

2. Onions first

Always start with onions and before and after every dish you put on the grate. Continue to roasting the hot peppers and then the tomatoes absorbing a few of the spices the peppers leave. Now you can put eggplant and zucchini and here we have a variety of colorful and delicious flavours, as a stand-alone dish for roasted salad – and as an addition to the dishes to follow. Roasted vegetables can be seasoned with olive oil, fresh lemon salt and black pepper. It is also recommended to serve it with coriander leaves and parsley to complete its pastoral freshness.

3. Tofu and Seitan

Whatever you choose to do with them, give them a day ahead of their mental preparation and indulge in a delicious and tasty marinade to begin understanding what we expect of them. The tofu comes out succesfully into cubes about 2cm long and on a skewer with peppers, tomatoes and onions, we will cut the seitan into 1-2cm thick slices in preparation to absorb the flavors from the marinade and roast over low heat.

Corn on the fire. Photo: shutterstock

4. Recommended broth

  • classic: olive oil, lemon, salt and black pepper – mix well until combined.
  • Japanese: soy sauce, balsamic, lemon, sesame oil – mix well.
  • IndianCoconut oil, turmeric, cumin, sweet paprika, black pepper, ground coriander, hot paprika. Here the game quantities. Cumin and paprika predominate, and the spices are at your discretion.

Prepare the marinade the day before and treat seitan and tofu with a hand massage to absorb the flavors. Put them to sleep overnight in the refrigerator.

5. Mushroom

Mushrooms need a treatment similar to tofu and seitan only without soaking overnight. It is possible, but not mandatory. After all, it is recommended to cover the mushrooms with a little roasting so that they do not overheat. There are a variety of mushrooms other than the well-known that are suitable for grilling on a skewer, such as portobella – the big sister to mushrooms that get a bit crunchy and there are wild mushrooms which are great for grilling and you’re welcome to try whatever you see.

6. Potatoes and sweet potatoes

Everyone is already familiar with potatoes and sweet potatoes with aluminum foil under charcoal. Some people have already given up on the fouled paper and made sure to bury it deep enough (if possible) and then enough – but you can also roast potatoes and sweet potatoes directly on the stove after cooking for 15 minutes (softening slightly) and chop them into thick foil. Next: Roast on a wire rack with the spices turmeric, cumin, paprika, pepper, and coarse salt after dipped in an olive oil marinade.

From barbecues.  Photo: shutterstock

From barbecues. Photo: shutterstock

7- Pancakes (burgers and kebabs)

There is already a decent and decent selection of pies of all kinds and styles prepared in advance – just put them on the grate, transfer the onions, and oil a little, and it may be best to use part of the lid at the time of grilling which also won’t burn too much. Then an easy and simple recipe without explanations is given: soak red lentils for an hour, drain and cook with 1.5 water for 15 minutes. Mix well to get a uniform consistency, season with cumin, turmeric and black pepper, add a few chopped veggies and you have a base for making vegetable meatballs/kebabs that you can add any vegetables you choose. An endless number of home options right away – it’s totally yours.

Amir Aharon.  Photo: Ofek Birnbaum

Amir Aharon. Photo: Ofek Birnbaum

8. temptation to fire

An important component of any barbecue is pita bread, into which all the contents are poured. So you must have a fresh lure and to put it in the air, you can put a lightly greased pita bread on the inside until it turns light brown. Take it outside to a bowl and cover it.

9. Fruit

In the end, the fruit will be the most refreshing in the story. Whether in a colorful basket, raw or if we choose to make an invested fruit salad – we won’t give up the sweetness of the fruit at the end of the roast. Watermelon is perhaps the fruit of choice for returning fluids and sweetness to the body after a hard pilgrimage, a good pineapple will always impress and grapes will be devoured with lust but now it is the height of saxophone and strawberry season and if you are lucky you will get to see the lush tree

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