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Easter requires us, kitchen lovers, to think creatively and innovatively. Similar to culinary reality shows, we have a product – Matsah – and we must think and plan interesting, satisfying and, of course, delicious dishes, based on this ingredient. It is true that chocolate-stained matzah is an unparalleled holiday delicacy, but we can’t put all the meals on it during the week.

Here are some great ideas for naming a place as one of its main components.

Easter is the Feast of Matsah Bray

Matzah Bray is the most classic, popular and simple dish to prepare for Easter. Matsah means cooked or cooked and contains two main ingredients, matza and eggs. There are different variations of the dish and every home prepares it a little differently.

For a simple, classic dish, soak a little matzos and then wrap them in a towel for a few minutes. The mat should remain wet but not drip. Cut each mazh in half and each half again in half so that four quarters of the mazh are obtained. Put them on top of each other and dip them in a bowl with the beaten eggs, milk, salt and pepper. Stir the matzos so all the quarters are well soaked and fry in a frying pan. After the underside is slightly greased, turn over to the other side and continue frying until it also gets a nice shade.

The matzah pie and meat are especially satisfying

Matzah can be a great base for a variety of dishes such as pizza, lasagna, and even pie. It can be left intact or crumbled and secured to the bottom of the pan, in which case this is a great option for using matzah.

To make this wonderful meat pie, one must crumble the moss in a bowl, add water to it, and let it absorb the liquids for about an hour. At this time you can start preparing the meat filling.

Fry chopped onions, add crushed garlic, minced meat, spices – salt, pepper, sweet paprika (you can also add hot paprika for spicy taste) and cumin. Fry the meat well while it crumbles. When the meat is ready, turn off the heat, add an egg and stir again.

Squeeze the matzah well in a bowl and add the eggs, salt and pepper. Transfer half of the matzah to a greased baking tray, flatten and connect well. Pour the minced meat on top, chop, tighten again and finish with the second half of the matzah.

Bake in the oven for about 45 minutes until the matzos turn brown, remove, cut, and serve.

Granola and yogurt for breakfast

Many people like to start the morning with a bowl of yogurt and granola in chopped fruit peels. A delicious, healthy dish and a great way to start the day. Since granola is not kosher for Passover, many give up on the delicacy even after the holiday. You can make homemade granola starring matzos.

Melt the honey or sesame seeds, sugar and butter in the microwave. Once everything is melted, add the walnut pieces and almonds with a sprinkle of cinnamon and mix well. Break the matzah into small coin-sized pieces and spread them out on a lined tray. Pour the honey and nuts mixture over it and mix well. Bake in the queue for 20 minutes. Open the oven once or twice and mix the matzos until they bake well from all directions.

When the granola is ready, remove the pan and let it cool completely before making a bowl of yogurt or before transferring to an airtight container for storage.

Irresistible caramel and chocolate squares

Matze and candy don’t seem to be a successful combination unless the matze has been smeared with chocolate. But you can easily make squares of matsa with a caramel and chocolate coating that can be an amazing dessert or afternoon snack.

Lay the matsah on the baking tray, covering the bottom of it as a uniform surface. If necessary, you can cut the mat so that it fits perfectly. In a small saucepan, make the caramel – melt the butter, a pinch of salt, brown sugar, and white sugar until you get an amazing, bubbly caramel. Simmer on low heat for a few more minutes and then turn off.

Add the almond slices to the pot, mix well and pour over the matza. Spread the caramel well over the entire surface. Bake it in the oven for ten minutes and then take it out.

Melt in the microwave, in two separate bowls, white chocolate and dark chocolate, pour over matzos with caramel and using a toothpick or fork, gently fold the chocolate into fine shapes.

Put the mold and wait for it to harden. The surface can be divided into shapes of different sizes or into uniform squares.

Matzah can be a creative and interesting ingredient that can be a substitute for other ingredients that can’t be used for the holiday. No matter how you want to use matzah or what recipe you choose, the main thing is that you have wonderful and tasty dishes.

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