Quick and Easy: Balanced Isolate Recipes

Gluten Free Corn Schnitzel

For kids with gluten sensitivity, and indeed for any kid who loves schnitzel, Tomer Umansky has a homemade, balanced version of one of his childhood favorites.

For a recipe for homemade gluten-free corn>

Chicken Stew and the Stars by Omar Miller (Photo: Omar Miller)
Photo: Omar Miller

amount of stars

Well actually it’s chicken and chips, in a warm and cozy winter’s version of Miller’s age. Seal for the cold days ahead, just leave something for the kids, too.

Chicken and Chips Broth Recipe>

Gluten-free chips (Photo: Babushka Productions)
Photo: Babushka Productions

Gluten Free Chips Stew

Another way to make the chips that kids love on a plate more balanced is to simply use gluten-free chips. Add tomato sauce and some veggies and you’ve got a quick and satisfying meal.

Chips recipe with vegetables

Carrot pie in a skillet (Photo: Daphne Opening)
Photo: Daphne’s opening

pan pie

The recipe is a great solution to tickle a nutritious, balanced dinner – without turning on the oven. A quick carrot pie with ingredients we all have at home. Just mix everything in a bowl.

For a quick carrot pie recipe

Turkish bread pan (Photo: Omar Miller)
Photo: Omar Miller

pan bread

If you already have whole meals in the pan, get Omar Miller’s patented recipe for Turkish Bread, a three-ingredient one that requires a two-minute cap.

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Gluten-free Malvah (Photo: Sheina Gershovitz)
Photo: Shaina Gershovich

Gluten Free Canned

And with us already in a flurry of quick recipes with minimal ingredients, this recipe from Sheina Gershovich works on the same principle – a dough of just two ingredients. With plugins it is possible to go wild.

For a two-ingredient recipe>

Fried rice (Photo: Babushka Productions)
Photo: Babushka Productions

fried rice

Did you leave leftovers of goat food that you no longer feel? They can easily become the basis for a light, quick and nutritious soup that can go well with any vegetables you find in the refrigerator. 10 minutes and there’s lunch.

Fried rice recipe

Vegetable and tahini pastries (Photo: Babushka Productions)
Photo: Babushka Productions

Vegetable and tahini pastries

Here’s another idea for a simple, nutritious meal that can work with any vegetables left in the kitchen. Cut it, cover it with tahini, and put it in the oven. Vegan too, it’s even gluten-free and you’ll be in the market for how easy and delicious it is.

Recipe for vegetable dumplings with tahini

Cauliflower in the oven with a secret sauce (Photo: Unite Sultan Zuckerman)
Photo: Unit Sultan Zuckerman

Oven cauliflower with secret sauce

There are things that always work, cauliflower in the oven is one of those things. It’s delicious in every respect, but here the real secret is the sauce and while the cauliflower is baked just put all the ingredients in a blender and that’s it, you’re ready. How easy, how delicious.

For the recipe for Cauliflower with Secret Sauce from Yonit Zuckerman>

Gluten-free corn pancakes (Photo: Rita Goldstein)
Pictured: Rita Goldstein

Gluten Free Corn Pancakes

We said snacks always worked – we said pancakes. These pancakes from Rita Goldstein are the perfect dinner, with good, simple, gluten-free ingredients and of course to save time and maintain balance they can and should be baked in the oven.

For the baked corn fritters recipe

Anna Aronoff cheesecake (Photo: Anna Aronoff)
Photo: Anna Aronoff

Sweet cheese pies

Impossible without a little sweet but balanced. These Anna Aronoff muffins can serve as light dinners alongside chopped veggies or as a sumptuous breakfast with a bit of maple on top and all it takes are four ingredients.

For the cheesecake recipe

Three-ingredient Cheerios (Photo: Shaina Gershovich)
Photo: Shaina Gershovich

Homemade gluten-free cherries

Breakfast cereal is a staple in your home. With this recipe from Sheina Gershovich you can make at home, it’s gluten-free and requires only three ingredients. This way you’ll also know exactly what the kids are eating, and you’ll also save them a few minutes of work creating the circles.

For a homemade three-ingredient cherry recipe>

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