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The association “Recipe with Memory” deals with the remembrance of the victims of the Israeli regimes in a unique way that combines food and memory. The association was founded by Hod Hasharon resident Eden Kohli, founder and director of “Recipe with Memory” since 2015. Eden, a pioneer in the reserve, currently runs a national activity for a youth organization for donation. He holds a BA in Politics, the Middle East and Conflict Resolution from Ben-Gurion University, and is a graduate of the Distinguished Program in the Faculty of Political Science. Eden founded Recipe with Zikra during her two years working as a missionary for the Jewish Agency in Minnesota, USA. After returning to Israel from the mission, she was selected to receive the 2017 Distinguished Mission Award. Since returning to Israel, she has been involved in distributing the project and expanding its work to many in Israel and around the world.

Eden Green Readers shares the idea and celebration: “Everyone, from anywhere in the world, knows the feeling of being lost and longing. Everyone has a recipe that reminds them of a loved one. The concept is a cooking session during which a favorite dish of the Israeli system that is no longer a home is cooked for you to savor. Stories, videos and conversations about the person behind the dish and his family This year the meeting can be held in groups or individually, as a full meal or as a single dish, share the space family photos and experiences from the meeting through a website, taste and don’t forget “food is a lingua franca all over the world” in the kitchen they meet and smell and taste and miss … “Recipe with memory” – a commemoration of the simplest and most common place for each of us – the kitchen.
Ilana Hayon, mother of the late Ronen Hayon, who was murdered in Lebanon, is one of the active mothers at the site.
About 4 years ago, I was called by Aidan Kohli and told about the amazing project she had built in the United States, while on assignment for the Jewish Agency.
Eden was looking for a way to bring the Jewish community closer to Memorial Day.
Thus the idea of ​​cooking or baking foods or pastries for the IDF victims came to her mind, and in the process to incorporate their life story.
When she returned to Israel, she decided to continue the project here as well.
Eden turned to the Dawn Brigade, where Ronen had studied, and through it he came up with the idea of ​​having a meeting in the Brigade and getting ready with them for something that Ronen liked, and of course telling me about.
And I, the mother of the ronin, of course did not refuse, to go wherever they wanted to hear about my ronin.
I’m also very attached to the idea. Because food, in addition to its role in nourishing the body, is also an experience of smells, tastes, memory, and image.
Try to remember it as a childhood experience, or food prepared for us by parents, who are no longer with us, or food we ate in grandmother and left a memory.
This is a great way to combine food and memory.
At that meeting with the cadets of the brigade, we baked borax, baked cookies that I was going to make for Ronin and fill his bag with it, when he returns to the battalion again.
There wasn’t a Saturday without borax and poached eggs with fried eggplant and sliced ​​vegetable salad.
Even when he would not go out to sit down and it was possible to visit a ronin in the battalion, we would go up to the Golan Heights and open a table for everyone.
About two years ago in Corona. Cooked with Chef Erez Komorowski, Cuban beetroot and Cuban okra.
Two dishes that Ronin really liked, and of course the story of Ronin, he enters the house, opens the pots, and tastes with his hands when I wake him up.
“Don’t take a spoon in your hands”
and he; “My mother has the best food in her hands”
Last Sunday we had a cooking session with the Porgina’s Jewish youth in Zoom, where they also chose to bake biscuits and borax.
It warms the heart as Ronen’s story unfolds not only in Israel but also in communities abroad.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank once again, for this, to Adan Kohli, the thinker of the idea.

from France links;
Here I’m talking about the chocolate cake that Ronin really liked and it’s called the War Cake.

From the link you can watch the meeting with Erez Komorowski, it only takes a few minutes to get off
Don’t give up.”

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