Sidr Nights Recipes: Our 7-course meal

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Chicken soup with kneaded Haim Cohen

In the case of such a classic dish – perhaps a classic Easter dish – we feel safe to follow in the footsteps of the most classic chef. A recipe worth chopping up and keeping the soup simple but deep in flavors, all with a basic seasoning of just salt and pepper (and celery, dill, and parsley, which of course make its contribution).

>> For the recipe: Chicken soup with kneaded Haim Cohen

salmon or homes | Photo: Nimrod Saunders, Good Food

Steamed salmon in individual portions

After the routine soup, a slightly less palatable fish dish (don’t worry, everyone will love it. It’s not harem, not gevilt and not Moroccan fish). Our fish this time is salmon, and we make it in the oven – but as steaming on baking paper. Each diner receives their own “gift of salmon” package, and they specialize in it until the main course comes along.

>> For the recipe: Steamed salmon in individual portions

main meal

The most delicious roasting we know

We discovered it last Easter, and we don’t see ourselves abandoning it for the foreseeable future of the holidays. Chin’s grill in the kitchen spends several hours in the oven (by many we mean almost an entire day!), and it comes out as smooth as in our wildest, rosy dreams we could ever imagine. And the sauce in the saucer on the side – God gives us a year as the sauce in the saucer on the side.

>> For the recipe: Shui Chen in the kitchen

Chin shoulder grilling in the kitchen (Photo: Chen Mizrahi, Chen in the Kitchen)
Chen grilled shoulder in the kitchen | Photo: Chen Mizrahi, Chen in the kitchen


Orange, spinach and lentil salad

Easter without the pretty presence of green leaves isn’t Easter, which is why we plan on indulging in a goat-fur lentil salad, with Turkish spinach, sunflower seeds, and the beloved Mediterranean seasoning of olive oil and lemon. A great addition, it is also the beauty of a main dish for vegetarians and vegans.

>> For the recipe: Orange salad with lentils and spinach

Orange lentil, spinach, sunflower seed, and sumac salad (Photo: Keren Peyton Cohen, Good Food)
Orange salad, lentils, spinach, sunflower seeds and sumac | Photo: Keren Peyton Cohen, Good Food

Red rice with broccoli, spinach and sweet potato

A little spinach, this time in a plate of red rice – and no, that doesn’t mean cooked rice with tomato paste but rather a kind of whole, red-bred rice (which, by the way, requires a little longer cooking time than you would use for white rice). Here it’s combined with some veggies and a handful of toasted almonds, for a festive, satisfying and super tasty dish.

>> For the recipe: red rice with broccoli, spinach and sweet potatoes

Red rice with broccoli, spinach, and sweet potatoes (Photo: Pascal Peretz-Robben, Pascal's cooking website)
Red rice with broccoli, spinach and sweet potato from Pascal Burts Rubin | Photo: Pascal Peretz-Rubin, Pascal’s cooking website

Fresh and cooked tomato salad

A recipe from Ron Yuchananoff’s new book, for a salad in which half of the cherry tomatoes are roasted in the oven with thyme and whole garlic cloves and the other half kept fresh. Mix all of these ingredients together (plus the baking liquid), get a balsamic vinegar boost and head out to occupy your holiday table.

>> For the recipe: Fresh and cooked tomato salad

Tomato Salad, Ron Johanoff (Photo: Nimrod Saunders,
Tomato Salad, Ron Johanov | Photography: Nimrod Saunders, “Cooking and Baking with Ron Yochananoff”


fur fondant

Natalie Levine’s new book reminds us just how successful the fur confection can be. On Seder Night, we go for no less than chocolate fondant – one of the most impressive desserts you can offer your guests, but also the easiest to prepare. Decent whipping of eggs is required, but without separating them into yolks and protein, which is really a thing.

>> For the recipe: Fondant Fondant

Chocolate Fondant with Nut Fries (Photo: Penny's Also for Good and Good Food)
Chocolate fondant with nuts | Photo: Benny This is also good and good food

from the heart of fur

Thanks to the presence of coconut milk in our lives, Malby is one of the last dishes to undergo turning fur with relative ease. Just be aware – the recipe calls for coconut milk and not coconut cream, which is richer and more fat, in which case it can cost you the success of the dessert. Great recipe from Shi-Li Lipa.

>> For the recipe: Fur Hearts

Coconut milk hearts with strawberry jam and rose water (Photo: Afek Gabay, recipe for savings)
From the heart of coconut milk with strawberry jam and rose water | Photo: Afiq Gabay A recipe for savings

Happy Eid!

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