The coalition proposed by Netanyahu is a threat to our independence and a recipe for destruction

The recent incitement to hatred by Rivka Michaeli and Michel Gonen-Agmon is an honest representation of the ugliness that dominates our lives. This ugliness threatens to become a tangible danger to Israeli society and democracy. The sin of both is sympathy and understanding with the suffering of the stranger who lives among us and by … Read more

From the temple to Instagram: this is how Shallah became Israel’s national carbohydrate

If you ask strangers about Jewish food, God is probably the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind,” says Yonet Naftali, food researcher and editor of “Food,” the culinary suite at “We”—the Museum of the Jewish People, whose activity focuses on Jewish food From all periods, this is perhaps the secret of the Sheleh, which … Read more

As in the confectionery industry: a recipe for making handmade ears of humman in honor of Purim

So I will be fine. As if we didn’t get mad about the cost of living and the exorbitant prices, here’s another reminder. Where are the days when the price of donuts was 2 shekels and we bought manna ears by the kilogram? I admit that when it comes to carbs, I find it hard … Read more