Teachers union bullying: Classes will not be held tomorrow

Tomorrow Wednesday there will be no classes in schools and kindergartens, only special education will have classes as usual. But why does this happen? Because the teachers’ union is bullying, because it can, because the truth is that the question of whether someone will get budgets from the state depends primarily on how much harm they can cause. When Israel enters a new round of elections – the potential for damage is high. The government can’t afford strikes when strikes, teachers will be angry because they are not being paid, parents will be angry that there is no framework to send to school – this is a disastrous recipe for the government’s capitulation to the blackmailing of teachers’ union.

The teachers’ union does not work at all for the benefit of young teachers (although they make sure to repeat it over and over) but for the benefit of the veterans. It mainly uses young people to arrange a bigger salary increase for veteran teachers – See for yourself the calculations we made yesterday. If the supplement is in percentages, those who will enjoy it the most are the seasoned gurus. Is this a way to bring young people into the system? no. But she’s worried about colleagues – because that’s how labor committees work. Their goal is not the general public, but attention to their interests.

Will there be a performance-based bonus? That is, does a teacher who succeeds in advancing his students get a higher salary than a bad teacher? Will the teacher in desirable subjects such as science and mathematics be paid more than the teacher in subjects with a large surplus of teachers? no. Jaffa Ben David wants to perpetuate the bad system that exists today, and does not worry about improving the education system. The fact that the budget of the education system is the largest in Israel, 70 billion shekels, and has doubled in the last decade, has nothing to do with it. Did this big budget improve the education system? no. But the committee is not interested.

What is required of the teachers union?
They want to see finance experts come up with payrolls and ‘concrete proposals for a salary increase For all faculty members in the civil service. This is a national emergency and a concrete danger to the future of the State of Israel. “Only the wage agreement will prevent the abandonment that leads to the collapse of the education system,” Ben-David said.

Oops, Jaffa Ben-David proves in her words what we wrote yesterday – her intent not to worry about young teachers. But just colleagues. Too bad, it perpetuates the problems of the system and deprives young people of the opportunity to integrate into the system, and get a fair and high salary in return for good performance.

The great test that Jaffa Ben-David, if she is really interested in new teachers and young people, is the following: – She will prove that she really wants to help and integrate young people into the system. But if half or most of the amount goes to seasoned teachers, then you yourself already understand who you really care about.

Bank of Israel: “Increasing teachers’ salaries must be linked to excellence”
Not only do we think so, but Professor Michael Strauchinsky, Director of Research at the Bank of Israel, says: “If you give a salary increase, it is recommended that it be given to excellence and young teachers. And in the rest of the sectors. They care about the future and the future of our children. These are the right increases in wages. We have to make room for current expenditures “The Bank of Israel supports raising wages of this kind.”

In any case, according to the teachers’ union, it “continues the sanctions until a concrete proposal is presented by the Finance Ministry and again calls on the Finance Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, not to wait until Sunday, but to enter into serious negotiations. Negotiations are tomorrow. We have been negotiating with Finance Officers for six months.” “We haven’t yet received a single specific proposal. I once again invite the Minister of Finance, Avigdor Lieberman, to come in person and sit with the Minister of Education, the Director General of the Ministry in charge of salaries with me tomorrow.”

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    Well done to Jaffa Ben David

    06/21/2022 21:17



    In all sectors of the economy, wages are indexed and squandered with unnecessary property taxes, but teachers receive this wage from beggars with wages not updated before 15 in a natural way.


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