The coalition proposed by Netanyahu is a threat to our independence and a recipe for destruction

The recent incitement to hatred by Rivka Michaeli and Michel Gonen-Agmon is an honest representation of the ugliness that dominates our lives. This ugliness threatens to become a tangible danger to Israeli society and democracy. The sin of both is sympathy and understanding with the suffering of the stranger who lives among us and by our side. Leave for a moment the law, politics and ideology. The conclusion in which the two erred is to extend the heart and open it. “Sins” are unforgivable in the state of hatred and rage that is celebrating its 74th anniversary.


Judge Michal Agmon-Gonen was kidnapped not only because of her ruling in the Ukrainian case, but also because of her planned appearance at the Civil Rights Association conference. The association, whose members and founders in the past were Judge Haim Cohen and Professor Ruth Javison, has also become a target of hate. It is also one of the oppressors and haters of the State of Israel. It also threatens the “Jewish identity” of the state.

Such as the Israeli government’s absorption of this hatred because of the coalition partnership with the left-wing parties and with Mansour Abbas. Let’s move on for a moment from politics and the claim that Netanyahu’s Abbas government was a desirable partner – what is implied by hatred is that in Israeli democracy the government is illegitimate if its partners are Arab representatives or from the legally elected left.


And how did we get there? Netanyahu’s rescue coalition is made up of ultra-Orthodox, ultra-Orthodox and Kahanites, an alliance of ignorance, bigotry, racism, nationalism and personality cult that has always gone hand in hand with intimidation, sacrifice, incitement and incitement.

Israel’s existence depends on finding the right balance between Jewish identity and democratic identity. The current government is an important attempt by the political system to try to achieve this balance. This effort is under existential threat. This is because the Jewish side of the political equation is preoccupied with a dangerous mixture. On the one hand, the strict orthodoxy, and on the other hand, the bigots of the Land of Israel, the racists, the Messiahs, the violent, the Temple followers and the rule of the Halakhah are on the legal and social agenda.

Of course there is another Jew. The person represented by her friends is Stern, Malka Piotrkowski, Matan Kahane and others, or adherents of the separation of religion and state from the founding of Yeshayahu Leibovitz. But they are unable to offer an institutional political alternative to Ben Gvir, Smotrich, Deri and Gaffney. Although it offers an ideological alternative to the teachings of the Bnei Brak and settlement rabbis, it is unfortunately an alternative that does not translate into political power.


Democracy is not a whim of global secularists who guard human rights. Democracy is a necessary condition for the continued existence of the State of Israel as a security, economic and cultural power. The Kanievsky-Meir Kahana mix, Deri-Ben Gvir, is a surefire recipe for destruction. Especially when the mix joins Benjamin Netanyahu, the unstoppable satirist, who in the name of his revenge on the attorney general’s office is ready to burn down the club. The alliance he proposes is the match that lit the fire.

Israel’s power has been thrown out thanks to the democratic component of the Israeli equation. Haredi education will not develop the human infrastructure capable of sustaining this strength. It is difficult to argue with the claim that the yeshiva students are truly responsible for Israel’s salvation, but it can be said with certainty that this power would disappear if the Technion, the Weizmann Colleus Institute, and Torah schools became. Pilots, doctors, and hikers would not come from the student body without a basic education.


If we want to establish a state according to the legitimate gospel of religious politicians – the result is the Iranian option. A case of racism, isolation, women’s oppression, departure from Western values, and essential studies. A country where democracy is a threat. The Internet, the integration of women and sympathy with refugees and persecuted people is a “threat to Jewish identity.” Let’s assume for a moment that the religious Zionism of Ben Gvir / Smotrich / Avi Maoz and the ultra-Orthodox parties become the majority – and the result is Iran. And who separates us today from this nightmare: Benjamin Netanyahu, who is supposed to balance this madness, but in fact nourishes and strengthens it. He is the Messiah of these fanatics as well as their donkey. The donkey of Christ that they will ride until redemption.

The combination and accumulation of interests that drive all the partners in this alliance – Netanyahu, the religious, the ultra-Orthodox and the Kahanists – threaten to eliminate the State of Israel as we know it today.


Israel’s independence was destroyed twice. This independence was poured twice around the temples and destroyed by the free hatred, bigotry, and internal killing that gathered around religious extremists who did not tolerate compromise or moderation. A religion that focused on worship and ritual and left out social sympathy as the prophets of Israel, pioneers of the first social protest, warned.

And here, this recipe for destruction is exactly what the representatives of the Shalekh bloc in Netanyahu’s alternative political coalition are offering us today. The lessons of destruction are not learned or absorbed. Once again, longing for the temple. Ben Gvir’s threat to the Temple Mount is not only a provocation aimed at igniting the region, it is also a suggestion for Israeli society to come and establish its political presence on the Third Temple. This proposal is one or two mandates away from eliminating the liberal democratic character of the State of Israel.

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