The green team cooks in memory of the fallen

Lentil pancakes in memory of Menachem Yosef

In memory of the fallen soldier Menachem Yosef, 19 years old at the time of his downfall, Hashek Yisrael Aharoni prepared lentil pancakes that Menachem especially loved. Vegetarian and gluten free recipe.

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Photo: Tomer Umansky

Pizza in memory of my life Levi

Confectioner Tomer Umansky chose to bake pizza in memory of Omari Levy. Corporal Omari Levy served in the Golani Brigade’s Barak Battalion, and fell into a terrorist attack in Beersheba when he was nineteen years old in his fall. Omari’s family says his favorite dish was pizza.

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A recipe with memory: in memory of Riot Nava Feldman (Photo: Yarden Harrell)
Pictured: Jordan Harrell

Chocolate chip cookies in memory of Riot Nava Feldman

Riot Nava Feldman, who was killed in a 2006 terrorist attack aged 20 in the fall, loved to take nature walks and take pictures. In her memory, Jordan Harrell made the cookies she loved.

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Cinnamon buns for Rachelle Crut in memory of Daniel Sheeran (Photo: Rachelle Crut)
Photo: Rachelle Crut

Cinnamon cookies in memory of Daniel Sheeran

Daniel Sheeran fell in battle during the Second Lebanon War, he was 20 years old in his fall. In his memory, Rachelle Crout made the cinnamon buns that his mother Farda would make for him and his friends, which he especially loved. pancakes And wonders as soft as a cloud exude the intoxicating scent of cinnamon.

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Potato Pastel - Ronen Shim Tov (Photo: Unit Sultan Zuckerman)
Photo: Unit Sultan Zuckerman

Potato pastel in memory of Ronin Shim Tov

Ronen Shim Tov was killed in a 1997 car crash on the way to a reserve base, at the age of 24 in his fall. In Ronen’s memory, chef Unite Zuckerman made his favorite pastel colors, which are actually a type of particularly delicious potato pancake. Gluten free vegan recipe.

Unit Zuckerman pancakes recipe

A memory stick recipe by Kim Yehezkel Levingrund (Photo: Shaina Gershewitz)
Photo: Shaina Gershovich

Stuffed peppers in memory of Kim Ezekiel Leibengrund

Kim Yehezkel Liebengrund was killed in a terrorist attack in 2018 at the factory where she worked, at the age of 29. In her memory, Shaina Gershovich recreated the recipe for stuffed peppers she loved. Vegetarian and gluten free recipe.

Stuffed peppers recipe

Rita Goldstein prepares chocolate mousse in memory of Asher Reuven Novik (Photo: Rita Goldstein)
Pictured: Rita Goldstein

Chocolate mousse for men Who is Robin Novick?

Who is Robin Novick? He fell while serving in the reserves during the Second Lebanon War, aged 36. His family says he was a gracious chef and host. In his memory, Rita Goldstein prepared his recipe for chocolate mousse.

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Omar Miller cooks a rattle for Abraham Ben Moshe (PR: Omar Miller)
PR: Omar Miller

Shakshuka in memory of Abraham Ben Moshe

Abraham Ben Moshe fell in the Yom Kippur War at the age of 27. His friends said about him An unforgettable Shakshuka that I prepared for them after an operational activity. In his memory, Chef Omar Miller has prepared an original Shashlik recipe.

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