The Rehovot platform has released a digital recipe book called “Cook and Remember” to commemorate the victims of Rehovot through the foods they loved.

Celebrating independence in the streets!

The Municipality of Rehovot and the Municipal Assembly invite the residents to the Independence Day celebrations that will take place on Wednesday, 4.5, starting at 20:00.

Main stage at Founders Park

Directed by street actor Daniel Morechet, and opening sequences of performances, children’s star “Nati Hajati Zahrat” will open on a show for the whole family. Avi Wasa (from the Idan Raichel Project) and Van Band will thrill the audience with authentic Ethiopian music, after a spectacular fireworks display, Shapita Valeri Hamati (who starred in “The Next Star”) will perform, and for dessert, the theater will be closed – The Snake Fish members are in a very happy show. Also, in the first part of the evening, we will meet on the main stage with the youth group singing.

Romano fan

For lovers of hebrew music

Wait for a special stage in the Garden of Defenders, on Yad Labanim Square, where Miki Gavrilov will perform songs by Eric Einstein, and Aynat Shroff, Queen of Public Singing, will conclude the celebration with a happy gala. In front of them will be the veteran street singer Ben Ami Halaf, along with his daughter, Taslil. The stage will be preceded by the Hebrew singer, accompanied by the vocals of the street singer, Haila Ben-David.

Mediterranean singer stage

It is located at the intersection of Herzl and Hirschenson Streets and will feature Yishai Levi and Elie Luzon, along with street singers Tamir Ladani, Yuval Damari, Moran Kriti and Sher Ozen. The concert will be moderated by singer Mike Sharon.

Credit: Eran Levi

The stage of the envious singer

Performances will be held on Herzl Street at the corner of Rotary Street. The Hasidic singing stage will be moderated by Lior Nitzan.

A spectacular fireworks display will take place at 9:30 pm from the rooftop of Rehovot Shopping Center.

Thursday events 5.5

Bike trip “Independent riders”

The traditional bike ride in Rehovot will also be launched this year in the presence of Mayor Rahimim Malol, who will motivate the riders, and with the participation of thousands of riders of all ages. The pre-ride gathering will begin at 8:00 in Founders Park and will include the distribution of branded T-shirts to all participants and various activities including a comic bike complex, a jump show of the best riders in the country, bike rentals and photo magnets. The trip will start at 09:00 on the “Rotate Streets” road, which will pass through the old and new neighborhoods of the city with a length of 11 km. After the start, it will be possible to join the cycle path at the following points:

• Weizmann Institute of Science Forum (Neve Yehuda, Ahuzat Hanassi, Streets of Science)

• Mordechai Bachest Road – Neve Amit Entrance (Nevi Amit, Ginot Savion)

• Junction Gad Feinstein / General Berry (Dutch Streets, Ibn Gvirol)

• Kiryat Moshe Community Center (Kiryat Moshe Neighborhood).

• Wisgal Center (Montazah Streets, Youth Streets, Ephraim / Sila neighborhood)

• Love Hill Park (Marmorek, New Streets)

Mayor’s reception

On the evening of Independence Day, 5.5 and starting at 8:00 pm, the Founders Park will host a festive reception by Mayor Rahimim Malul, for the residents of the city on the occasion of Independence Day.

During the event, distinguished soldiers from the city, distinguished athletes, residents and outstanding residents of their field who made special achievements in the past year will be saluted. During the event, the “New Soul” band will appear from a network of expertise made up of children with special needs. The event will also feature the city’s most beautiful buildings that won the “Beautiful Building” competition hosted by the Engineering Department.

In the second part of the evening, the Teapacks main show will take place this evening.

The event will be moderated by actor Daniel Gad, a citizen of the city of Rehovot and a graduate of the youth stage of the municipality of Rehovot.

heritage sites

Also this year, the heritage sites – Al Bustan Site and Ayalon Institute will open to the public on Thursday 5.5 free of charge. Visitors will enjoy special tours and activities to celebrate the country’s birthday.

Tel Nof Base 9:00-15:00

On the occasion of Independence Day, the Israeli army returns to the tradition of opening the bases of the Israeli army to visitors. As is the case every year, cases will be able to enter IDF bases where they will enjoy a variety of activities, exhibitions, and exhibitions from the past to the present day.

Tel Nof Air Base, located near the fence, will be open to visitors from 15:00 to 09:00. Program: flights, display of aerobatics team, exhibitions of various aircraft from the past and present, pavilion of a technical group and display of weapons and rescue equipment from the Air Force.

Mets Independence Day

On Thursday 5.5 in the sky of Rehovot, 6 planes will pass from 12:07

To go to the full event brochure

Traffic arrangements on Independence Day

Independence Day Eve

On Wednesday 4.5.22 there will be celebrations on the eve of Independence Day. The event will take place on Herzl Street in the section between Arlosoroff Street and Teller Street, Lipkowitz Street in the section between Herzl Street and Hasofem Street, the Founders Park Complex and the Garden of Defenders Complex.

Pedestrians’ entrances and exits are permitted from the following streets:

Lipkovic – Harlap

Herzl – money changer

Herzl – Benjamin

Herzl – Rotary Blvd.

Herzl 140

Herzl – Ezra

Herzl – Arlozorov

Herzl – Hirschenson

Herzl – Bhatia Makov

Herzl – Brenner

Herzl – Bnei Moshe

Kings – judges

Jabotinsky – The Judges

Prophets – Judges

Garden of the Defenders complex entrances:

Golden 6 (Meyerhof Municipal Library)

Mapo – Boys Street

j. to. Peretz – Habanim Street

Closure of car parks and streets

From 2.5.22, Monday, 23:00, until the end of the festivities, the car park will be closed

Founders Park car park and WIZO car park in the park.

On 4.5.22, on the eve of Independence Day, the following parking lots will be closed:

Corcar parking on Judges Street – 7:00am to 1:30am after the Independence Day celebrations.

Parking will not be permitted on Hershenson Street in front of Buildings 47 and 72 and along the street until

To Herzl Street – between 16:00 – 1:30 a.m. after the Independence Day celebrations.

The parked car will be towed.

Harlap car park (in front of the mall) and Mall plaza area – will be closed to parking and pedestrian crossing between 21:00 – 22:00

The parked car will be towed.

From 16:00 until 2:00 after midnight, the following streets will be closed to vehicular traffic:

Herzl – between Rambam Street and Eisenberg Street




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Cars are not allowed to drive and park on parts of the streets and in car parks closed to traffic.

Parked vehicles will be towed.

On the eve of Independence Day, buses will not be allowed to enter Central Station stations between 20:00 – 22:00

Bilu Street will be closed to buses from Tchernichovsky and Rozensky streets


Independent Cycling Event – Bike Trip

On Thursday, May 5, 2022, between the hours 8:00-12:00, the traditional bike ride will take place in the city of Rehovot. Along the bike trip traffic axis, the following streets will be closed intermittently:

8:00 Gathering at Founders Park.

9:00 Jump off Herzl Street, on the corner of Lefkovic.

Walk north on Herzl Street on Bridge 44.

Access to the science park intersection.

Turn left onto Etzel Road until the Etzel / Mordechai Bashist traffic light.

Ride on Mordechai Bachest Street until contacted by Judd Feinstein.

At New Bridge (141) Jade Feinstein / The Six Days Ride to the Bridge to the South.

Turn right on Moshe Yatom Street.

Turn left onto Kalman Gavrielov Street and stop for refreshments nearby

To the community center in Kiryat Moshe.

Turn left on Six Days Route.

Turn right onto Shimon Dubnov Street.

Continue the ride on Ben Zion Vogel Street, Shimshon Tzur, Benchas Blvd., Yitzhak Yaakovi, to the Oshchiot Junction.

Turn left onto Herzl Street.

Head north to Founders Park – End Point.

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