The White and Green Trio: Three Green Dishes for the Whitest Holiday of the Year

Shavuot is the white holiday, putting cheese of all kinds in the middle, so you can just ask for a fresh green addition. No matter your choice of vegetables or leaves, your guests will thank you for balancing the milky weight with this greenish-brown, which will add eye color, taste in the mouth, and bring lightness to the table with the heaviest of dishes. And for those of you who dread standing for hours in the kitchen – relax, because we’ve rounded up recipes for you that you can whip up in an instant and even without leaving the house (well, maybe just to buy some cheese and asparagus).

Spinach, goat cheese and sheep sambousek

How good it is to understand all the fatty dishes on the table, she also has one that is light and full of refreshing green. And if this good can be improved upon, we will tell you that the preparation is very simple, and you may love from now on to host the holiday next year.

Start preparing the dough and put the flour, baking powder, a little yeast, a little olive oil and two cups of yogurt until you get a soft and elastic dough. After lifting, divide the dough into small circles, open each one and fill them with a white-green mixture, based on spinach, goat cheese and feta cheese, because in this dish the whole farm participates in the celebration!

The filling can of course be upgraded according to your personal taste, whether in the white section or the green section. To make this dish more spoiled, you can add cheeses and hard fats of various kinds, which will impress long before the taste: Manchengo, Pecorino or Kashkabel and if you want to make this dish healthier and fresher, you can add different types of filling with leaves such as chard , who loves to chase spinach everywhere, or rather a clever cabbage that makes the dish look healthier on the table.

Homemade broccoli and marbled cheese pie

Broccoli, a vegetable with afro, is one I’m always happy to meet at the table. And to get it even closer in the holiday spirit, feel free to mix it up with cheese mixture already in the fridge and create a broccoli pie that no one would think took 10 minutes, and didn’t even require a grocery store tour. After a short infusion of broccoli into the boiling water, all you have to do is put it in a large bowl with the soft cheese from the refrigerator – eg cottage cheese, white cheese or sour cream and hard cheese waiting in the same tray, like Bulgarian cubes, grated yellow or Mozzarella cheese chips. Now all that remains is to add a few tablespoons of flour, eggs and some salt, mix them well and send this pan to the oven for half an hour on medium heat, until the surface of the pancake is golden.

The big advantage of this pie, in addition to its unbearable lightness, is the freshness that it effortlessly adds to the table. Also, you have a way of not having to convince the kids to eat green veggies, because they’ll ask you for one piece and another, and without you noticing this pie will become your home dish for the rest of the year too.

Asparagus and cream tart

Tart is the king of dough, asparagus is the king of greens – and together they create a regal dish that you’ll proudly serve to the table. And although it will seem like a really complicated recipe, you will only know the truth: there is no easy dough to make, because in this case you buy it ready-made in the supermarket.

In fact, the biggest investment in dough will be your vigilance in choosing a puff pastry based on butter instead of margarine. Once you have purchased, roll the dough into a thin rectangle and line it with your chosen pattern (preferably wide and flat), including the sides, cutting off the unnecessary edges.

Then fill the pan with a mixture of sweet cream, Parmesan, mozzarella, chopped chives, and eggs, and top all that steamed asparagus until it settles a bit but isn’t completely drowned out.

Placing the asparagus is the fun part, as you give your interior designer the freedom to choose whether you want to place consecutive green stems, straight and upside down, diagonally or rather create a frame for them, which will get smaller as you get closer to the center.

When finished, sprinkle over Parmesan crumbs to complete the elegant look, send this lovely dish for about half an hour in a high-heat oven, and even if the aroma bothers you to concentrate after a quarter of an hour, wait until the surface of the tart is brown and then just take it out.

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