Think of the Babies: 6 Ideas for Delivering a Healthy, Pampered Parcel

Merry Christmas with a winning parcel delivery: As we all prepare for the upcoming Purim holiday, when the house is filled with a variety of sweets, get 6 healthier and more pampered parcel delivery ideas

Purim is a happy holiday that strengthens the bond between a person and his friend.

One of the most prominent commandments of Purim is to send portions to each other, and in this the saints of Israel used to glorify and give more than the shipment required by the Halakhah.

We are now at the planning and preparation stage for organizing parcel delivery, and when we enter the “supermarket” for shopping it is difficult to miss already at the entrance a large stock of sweets and deliver packages full of sweets.

Out of curiosity, when I checked how sweet this packaged package was, I found that it contained about 25 teaspoons of sugar! Really scary.

Our children usually receive more than one shipment and imagine all the sugar entering their bodies and the health damage it may do to them, have mercy!

These dangerous package deliveries are the result of negative messages conveyed by the industry. An example of this is an advertisement for a major candy company that allegedly addressed children directly, featuring a disguised figure with a basket full of sweets, written next to it: despite the company’s pledge to refrain from advertising food products deemed harmful to children.

It should be noted that the prevalence of overweight and obesity in Israel is among the highest in the world. The prevalence of overweight and obesity among children aged 5-9 in the ninth year (2016) was about 38%, ranked eighth out of 35 countries. Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

In 2019, according to surveys, it was found that about 30% of Jewish children are overweight and obese. Moreover, obesity is the most important risk factor for developing diabetes and increases 7.8 times the chance of developing the disease.

From all of the above, we parents bear a great responsibility for our health and the health of our children and it seems that it is not a simple matter to prepare the delivery of a package that is on the one hand happy to receive and on the other hand healthy. to give.

We will give some ideas for organizing the delivery of a healthy and good parcel:

  1. Bake challah and whole wheat rolls at home, and with the help of your loved ones they can celebrate Purim in style and health (attached to this recipe is a recipe for Iraqi tattoo pastries)
  2. Create healthy and creative salads yourself, such as: Whole Sesame Tahini, Dip Salad, Chickpeas, Mtabucha, Eggplant, and various vegetable salads. These salads can be perfectly combined with pastries for the meal.
  3. Roasting grains and peanuts in a salt-free or lightly salted oven, cooking legumes such as chickpeas, and connecting them to delivery so that you reward others with the custom of “eating seeds” on Purim in memory of Daniel, his friends, and Esther, who survived eating forbidden foods.
  4. Add health and citrus with citrus fruits, bananas, dates and apples from the Land of Israel and thus add color, health and a smile to your face.
  5. If you buy food or drink, look for products with a green label on the front of the package and reduce as much as possible when buying harmful products with a red label.
  6. For children who are used to it and want to serve sweets, it is recommended to bake custom reduced-sugar cakes at home. You can easily reduce the amount of sugar from a common recipe by one-third to one-half.

So, I hope we all have a happy, healthy and profitable Purim holiday.

Written by: Nir Cohen, Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant for the Haredi Public at the Ministry of Health

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