Without mixer: perfect dough without kneading

So what exactly is a dough without kneading and why the hell have we always thought that in order to bake good bread or pastries, we must know how to work with a mixer and make yeast doughs?

The secret lies in bloating in general

Non-kneading dough usually consists of flour, yeast, sugar, salt and water. Very basic: mixing short in a bowl and puffing the dough for 12-15 hours. What happens after the brief and blatantly unprofessional mixing? In fact, the magic happens when the dough undergoes a fermentation process By the connection of the material, he swelled and that’s it – it’s ready for work.

Very thin on the inside | Photo: Nufar Tzur, Good Food, Mako

It’s usually a very sticky and soft dough that doesn’t really allow to form, but if you work hard and make sure you spread a lot of flour on your work surface – the results are amazing. This method was first introduced by New York baker Jim Lehi, bringing the issue of baking bread at home within the reach of people who would never own a blender or think about what a good gluten net is.

For several years I’ve been making bread in a pot of dough without kneading, but what finally made me fall in love with dough was actually the no-knead baguette that I made somewhere at the start of the first shutdown in March 2020. Baguettes are based on the same principle and the result is hysterical. I owe a lot to this recipe, which made me go to many homes in Israel, and also made me want to learn more and more about this dough.

Best Use for Rosemary (Photo: Nuvar Tzur, Good Food, Mako)
Best use of rosemary | Photo: Nufar Tzur, Good Food, Mako

Since then, I have made many no-dough kneading recipes, and the results are always amazing in each of them. This time I decided to make a wonderful focaccia from a baguette recipe.

* This basic recipe can easily be turned into bread or pizza.

* You can add toppings such as herbs, garlic, olives or nuts to the dough and mix it in the initial stage with the other ingredients in a bowl.

* White flour can be converted into whole wheat flour.

Thin and crunchy crust (Photo: Nuvar Tzur, Good Food, Mako)
Thin and crunchy crust | Photo: Nufar Tzur, Good Food, Mako

Pancake recipe:

500 Made with bread flour/Pizza or plain white flour
teaspoon dry yeast
2 Small spoons of fine salt
10 J (1 tsp) date honey
360 Tendency (1 and a half Glasses) tap water

For decoration:
olive oil
rosemary leaves
coarse atlas salt


1. Prepare the dough: Put all the dough ingredients in a bowl and using a wooden spoon, mix until the ingredients are combined. (Pay attention: It is a mixture for a minute at most, the dough remains “dirty” and does not turn into a dough like yeast dough that is kneaded and it is soft and beautiful)

2. Cover the bowl with cling film and a towel and let it swell 12-15 hours at room temperature (In the summer, put the bowl in the refrigerator). You can also puff the dough for a while night or so 48 hours in the fridge.

Grease a rectangular or square frying pan with olive oil and transfer the dough to it. At this point the dough is not formed, just put it inside the mould, stretch the cling film and blow it again for an hour.

After an hour, pour olive oil over the dough and with the help of your fingers make holes in the dough with your fingers, stretching it inside the mold so that it rests on its entire bottom.

Leave to soak again for 40 minutes with plastic wrap or a towel over the dough.

6. Preheat the oven to 225 grades.

7. When the dough is placed in a blown pan, again pour a little olive oil and, with the help of your fingers, inject the oil again, sprinkle with coarse salt and rosemary leaves.

8. Almost Bread 25-30 Minutes until the focaccia turns brown in appearance. Remove from the oven, brush with a little olive oil if desired, and serve hot.

How basic - how delicious (Photo: Nuvar Tzur, Good Food, Mako)
How basic – how delicious | Photo: Nufar Tzur, Good Food, Mako

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